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Kubs Matharu ft. Sanjay Dhaliwal - Gera (Out Now)

Hailing from his hometown of Coventry UK, Kubs Matharu brings an innovative and creative approach to making Bhangra Music whilst still striving to sound current and commercial in an ever demanding industry with his track 'Gera' featuring accustomed vocalist Sanjay Dhaliwal.

The journey started 25 years ago. Encouraged in the main by his parents, Kubs started learning music theory from primary school right through to sixth form. Having obtained a GCSE and A-Level in Music, the development carried on into University life and beyond, continuing the learning of Keyboard’s, Drums and Dholki which had started from a tender age.

Early influences of Rock and Jazz stemmed from being surrounded by such sounds at school, but at home it was a different story. A unique sound was emerging in the early 80’s as Kubs was taking his first few steps….terrestrial TV was pushing it…. Bhangra had a new era, which Kubs was gripped by. Alaap and Heera will always be remembered as being at the forefront of it all, but does anyone ever talk about the band Holle Holle? Influenced by his Mama Ji and Lead Singer Manjit Kondal, Kubs quickly became obsessed with the sounds that were being created by these bands, none more so than childhood idols DCS who are still going as strong as ever. There was something about the authentic and imaginative production being created by DCS that caught the attention of Kubs from an early age and to this day they continue to have the same influence

In 2007, Kubs took it upon himself to learn more about Music Production, so that he could apply his music knowledge and create an end product. Initially teaching himself the basics of Cubase, Kubs then went on a production course to develop his skills even further.

2012 see’s the culmination of this progressive learning as Kubs gets ready to release his debut single ‘Gera’ on August 9th featuring accustomed vocalist Sanjay Dhaliwal, famous for his hit track Aj Main Peeni . For some artists, success needed to have arrived yesterday, but for Kubs it’s about ensuring a seed is sown.

Get ready to hear something different, something fresh! Get ready to Gera!