Danny C - Laung Gawacha (Out Now)

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Combining traditional and modern sounds together, the young and talented Danny C produces his new and anticipated single "LAUNG GAWACHA" ready to be the next wedding and club hit of the year!

Danny C has been working away constantly in the famous Soundpipe studios producing unique sounds, beats and melodys. Laung gawacha is a modernised version of the classic which has been described as "The laung gawacha of todays generation!" Danny C is an experienced artist with natural talents and a strong passion for music who aims to deliver his own unique style for each and every audience to enjoy!

"Laung Gawacha" OUT NOW on The Soundpipe Records!


Brown Guy
+1 #1 Brown Guy 2012-07-27 16:15
Sounds pretty good from the promo so far.... Can't wait till it releases!

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