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Tarli Digital - #DigiTaal (Out Now)

Through a meticulous work ethic and musical nous cultivated over a decade on the scene, Tarli Digital has forged his name as one of the most sought after producers around. Primarily down to his crisp, always innovative sound that he maintains and brings to the table each and every time.

Inventively titled #DigiTaal and presented by Organised Rhyme, Tarli Digital’s brand new, 4th studio album packs 11 immersive tracks that when put side by side, react in a way that stir the senses and make for an eclectic listening experience. Expect persuasive percussion, svelte string pieces and heady rhythms led by catchy compositions, which are countered delicately by vivid lyrical content and an inspired presence of mind to make #DigiTaal a remarkably well-rounded album accommodating for many an ear.

Never shy to expanding his horizons, #DigiTaal once more sees an assortment of vocal talents handpicked by the Midlands-based producer that go against the usual grain with the imperious Balwinder Safri, Angrej Ali, The Dhol Foundation and Bollwood supremo Rahat Fateh Ali Khan being joined by burgeoning talents Nishawn Bhullar, Des-C and Aman Sandhu as well as a couple of relatively unknown yet genuinely exciting entities in the form of Balraj Bilga and Rozer Sandhu.

No Tarli Digital album would be complete without an appearance from long-time collaborator Dalvinder Singh. #DigiTaal proves no different with the pair joining forces on not one but three very different songs that further validate the inherent chemistry the two share. The three tracks, ‘Mittran De Naa Karde’, ‘Saun Mahina’ and ‘Gal Sunja’ demonstrate a capacity for dexterity in both artists’ craft.
#DigiTaal embodies all that is good about Tarli Digital; a producer with his finger on the pulse capable of floor-fillers yet also having the wherewithal to shape something that is refined and will appeal to the discerning consumer. With every release to date Tarli Digital has continually striven to put his ever-expanding repertoire to the test and thus, in turn, the latest project lines up as his most mature and compelling yet.