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DJ Tally Ft. A-Star - Dil Vasda (Out Now)

After a 2 year gap since his debut release Nakhrah, DJ Tally returns with his brand new single Dil Vasda featuring A-Star.

Working with the established and highly regarded international vocalist Nirmal Sidhu and urban rap collective C.O.V. on his debut led to a very successful first release both in the UK and in India where the song also had an official release. This success has given DJ Tally the inspiration and drive to continue in his efforts with his second outing.

Having over five invaluable years experience as a top wedding roadshow DJ at the tender age of 22, he has also worked hard to further develop his sound and music production skills under the tutelage of his mentor Notorious JATT. This combination of both hands on live entertainment experience and fresh production ideas promises to deliver much.

His new single, entitled Dil Vasda, releases on Silverbak Records, and promises to establish his name in the UK Bhangra scene. Vocals are provided by another fresh talent in the form of A-Star who makes his debut on this release. A-Star is UK born and has undergone classical training in addition to having a naturally raw folk sound. So often we hear of new vocalists who promise much but fail to deliver but in A-Star we have a vocalist with a genuine gift and the skill to progress far in this industry.

Dil Vasda is out now and is accompanied by a high budget HD video directed and shot by Stormfield.

Dil Vasda (feat. A-Star) - Single - DJ Tally