Storm DJ ft Manjit Pappu - Maan Punjabiyan Te (Out Now)

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After producing the highly successful debut single entitled ‘Nazar’ featuring the great vocals of Labh Janjua in July 2011, the talented producer who goes by the name of Storm DJ returns!

Storm DJ now presents to you his latest single titled, ‘Maan Punjabiyan Te’ which features the energetic  and powerful vocals of the one and only Manjeet Pappu.

Maan Punjabiyan Te’ takes you back to the original roots of Punjab, by focusing on the Punjabi heritage and culture and infusing  this with the Western sounds of today. Working with the vocalist Manjeet Pappu, Storm DJ has again encompassed this innovation of creating  his own unique style by intertwining the old with the new.

The single emphasises the traditional lifestyle and culture inherited in North West India. With the title ‘Proud to be Punjabi’, the lyrics enforce  the bravery and courage exhibited by symbolic individuals whom evolved from the land of the Five Rivers. Iconic history, arts and crafts,  have allowed Western society to remain in contact with their original inheritance, and this single has combined both the voice and the sound to make you feel at home.


Storm DJ Ft. Manjeet Pappu - Maan Punjabiyan Te by SimplyBhangra Music


The Loft
+1 #1 The Loft 2012-04-18 22:06
Brilliant track! loving the punjabi culture root u'v taken!! keep it up!

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