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Dipps Bhamrah ft Malkit Bulla - Tu Nachdi (Out Now)

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After the sucess of 'Mr Makhna', Dipps Bhamrah returns with 'Tu Nachdi' featuring the vocals of Malkit Bulla. Out now via Spice Media.

Bhangra music - he's born into it, lives it, showcases it & promotes it world wide. He is the charismatic Dipps Bhamrah and 2012 is the year when the world gets to hear the rebirth of an artist who looks to build on his musical legacy.

In 2011 Dipps Bhamrah began an ambitious and unique online video diary series to show how Bhangra music is produced and recorded. This became the catalyst to the the construction of his album 'Project:BHANGRA' and the release his first single, alongside father K.S.Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet), 'Mr Makhna'. The track fast became a success by becoming DJ, radio station & a personal playlist essential. Coupled with a fun & cameo packing video it became the start of the Dipps Bhamrah musical journey.

'Tu Nachdi' is the second single for the forthcoming Dipps Bhamrah album Project:BHANGRA. It features the upcoming vocal talents of Malkit Bulla from Punjab and brings together a big voice and a big Bhangra sound. The video features Dipps in the opposite light to his previous video swapping smiles for attitude, comedy for swagger while still delivering another high energy video.

'Tu Nachdi (Singing To You Mix)' out now on Spice Media

Tu Nachdi (feat. Malkit Bulla) - Single - Dipps Bhamrah


-2 #13 southpark 2012-04-19 13:12
this bhangra industry give me wicked laughs more then bloody SOUTH PARK

DIPPS PUCKER lolzzz WHY OR WHY dance like a monkey & act as if you sang it.. FLOP TRACK

Mate you talk alot but delivery is crap stick to the BBC job if you still have one left after this goes world wide lmao

SERIOUS flop any chance of itunes refund...
jas bains
0 #12 jas bains 2012-04-19 12:08
dipps bhamrah from your background you think this track is your best !! and miming WHY WHY WHY do dj's producers do this...sorry mate..can't wait to get a free download of this from a site.SPICE MEDIA...get your quality control soprted
0 #11 mitra 2012-04-17 22:23
"COMMON SENCE" I never said anything about dress sense, it just appears to me that everything is the same, how many more "gidhe vich nachdi" do you really want to hear? In todays bhangra tracks the lyrical content is poor, they just copy each others songs, e.g badaam rangi eh, just like they copy video concepts and dress sense, just because just about every other artist is wearing a baseball jacket with spikey hair doesn't mean you have too. Anyway, that is irrelevant, the point I would like to emphasize is lyrics, from this promo the lyrics sound poor, and the music, from this promo sound like a shin DCS copy.
+5 #10 0000 2012-04-17 17:45
Its simple bhangra is dead in the uk, by that i mean albums come n go no one gives them any credit so now its just about releasing a single and doing your gigs and making money. Uk bhangra is going downhill end off.
Apna Dholi
+2 #9 Apna Dholi 2012-04-16 23:19
this guyz is stupid!! gave up a full time position @ the bbc to become a so called DJ, but the funny thing is he cannot produce nor DJ fool trying to act like a lost kid in his video..

your dad Bhamara cannot sing nor claim hes a legend

if it wasnt for the like of HEERA giving Apna Sangget who was a pub band a chance you guyz b nothing!! right time and the right place just fate not art u fool..

DIPPS UR who thinks everyone is making Folk music other then your shitty self. That guy fro Dhol Foundation is a good Dholi but is ruining his rep by over acting and waving his bloody arms all over the place... BUNCH OF IDIOTS
Common Sense
0 #8 Common Sense 2012-04-16 11:05
What's the beef with typical Bhangra artists?

People like Dipps, Jaz, JK, H Dhami all dress the same and all have vids on a street or in a club. You still listen to their music. I'm sure they'd have nothing to say about your dress sense. Its just how Bhangra artists are these days.
-2 #7 mitra 2012-04-16 00:37
spike your hair, put a baseball jacket on, and mime a song hoping to a be a britasia superstar, everything is the same. Same videos, same tracks, same lyrics, even the same dancers too. Experiment with sounds, like manni sandhu has, this just sounds like some mimic of the 90s SHIN DCS sound.
+4 #6 fearless 2012-04-15 23:05
Quoting Apna boi:
OK this is a phud track with Dipps miming it?

where is the singer? every1 in the industry will automatically big this idiot up so they get there shit played on bbc breakdown and i dont think any mother F**kers gonna cuss him


Apna boi
+2 #5 Apna boi 2012-04-15 22:46
OK this is a phud track with Dipps miming it?

where is the singer? every1 in the industry will automatically big this idiot up so they get there shit played on bbc breakdown and i dont think any mother F**kers gonna cuss him

Mandeep Kang
0 #4 Mandeep Kang 2012-04-15 17:40
+5 #3 0000 2012-04-13 23:47
promo sounding heavy some good instruments used
dav singh
-1 #2 dav singh 2012-04-13 22:03

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