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Revolution Records - Jakara (Out Now)

Revolution Records Ltd. launch of their third album ?Jakara,? out now! The album will be available through various distributors in Vancouver, New York, California, Toronto and the UK.

Inherit Your Destiny - Angel by e3uk
Following the tremendous success of ?Inquilab? and ?Baghi Ja Badshah,? ?Jakara? is set to be Revolution Records? third album and features renowned artists such as, Jaz Dhami, Manak-E, HS Talwar, Kaka Mohanwalia, Balraj, Jaswinder Daghamia, Micky Sra, Street Kings, TwinBeats, Gupsy Aujla, Sachin Ahuja, DJ Intense, Gurmeet Singh, Randy Jassal, Harvi Bachu, Violinder and more.

Revolution Records was born out of the desire to see more music that reflects and contributes towards social change; featuring the biggest names in the industry while also supporting and nurturing up and coming artists. Previous albums, ?Inquilab? and ?Baghi Ja Badshah? spurred discussion on various issues in Punjab including the proliferation of drug addiction, the loot of Punjab?s river water and state-sponsored violence against Punjabis. Producers have promised that ?Jakara? will feature similar socially conscious content and high-quality vocals and music.


Track List:

Singh Mareya Ni Mukhney »Kaka Mohanwalia
Music: Gupsy Aujla | Lyrics: Jhalman Singh Dhanda

Keher »Balraj
Music: Sachin Ahuja | Lyrics: Satti Kotliwala

Babbar Sher »Jujhar Singh
Music: Tedi Pagg Prod. | Lyrics: Kulvir Singh Dansianwala

Sardari »Jaz Dhami
Music: Gurmeet Singh | Lyrics: Harvinder Oharpuri

Desh Mera »HS Talwar
Music: Twin Beats | Lyrics: Jhalman Singh Dhanda

Sher »Tinka Gill
Music: DNA | Lyrics: Bal Butale Wala

Jakara »Sarup Singh Soorvind
Music: Violinder | Lyrics: Sarup Singh Soorwind

Marjeevray »Sarabjit Malpuri
Music: DJ Intense | Lyrics: Kulvir Singh Dansianwala

Maalika »Manak-E
Music: Street Kings | Lyrics: Kulvir Singh Dansianwala

Bhindranwale »Soujapuria
Music: DJ Intense | Lyrics: Baldev Sidhu

Bhagat Singh »Jaswinder Singh
Music: Randy Jassal | Lyrics: Satta Mann

Fansi »Micky Sra
Music: Harvi Bhachu | Lyrics: Micky Sra

Kaum »Jaswinder Daghamia
Music: Rayman | Lyrics: Bal Butale Wala

Rangla Punjab »Avtar Rai
Music: Harj Nagra | Lyrics: Avtar Rai


Jakara - Various Artists