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Sheri G - Pat Suteya (Out Now)

Introducing a young talented male from Peterborough Sheri G who is to release his Debut single 'Pat Suteya' by 3Q Records.

Sheri G starts his singing career with his single 'Pat Suteya' a Track written by his father Surinder Shehri and music produced by Dav Juss.

At a very young age Gurvinder Singh Sheri - Sheri G learnt Punjabi and kirtan from his father Surinder Sheri. Born & Bred in Peterborough, coming from a traditional Punjabi family. His father, who he looks up to as an Ustaad (Teacher) is his biggest inspiration, Mr Surinder Sheri introduced Sheri G to the foundations of singing as well as introducing him to musical instruments such as the vaja and tabla.

Sheri continued with the Kirtan and sang regularly at the Gurdwara developing his singing vocals and with the passion and desire of wanting to make a mark in the music industry had taken lessons from Ustaad Karanjit Singh Khalsa and following the likes of many talented singers has focused on maintaining his roots with Punjabi culture and Maa Boli (Mother Tongue).

Sheri G began listening to Gurdas Maan, Master Saleem and Lehmber Hussainpuri who also at a young age mastered the skill of singing and have been a great influence to him and his music.  Now having the passion and the aspiration to sing will be a hopeful path for success for Sheri G and with the likes of 1Nation Media and 3Q records guiding him towards bringing out great music where Bhangra could only get better.

Pat Suteya (feat. Dav Juss) - Single - Sheri G