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Young Archie - Bombay Angel (Video)

Young Archie’s first release of 2012 is ready, and waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world on 30th January 2012.

They say every cloud has a silver lining and a recent situation that has proven this saying true was the UK riots of 2011. This testing time for many of the major cities across the UK gave rise to a miraculous silver lining that appeared, highlighting the unity, love and support that communities showed for each other; pulling through to help each other fight their way through this difficult time.

In Manchester particularly, this sparked the I <3 Manchester campaign, which is where the basis and inspiration for Young Archie’s latest video was derived. Born and bred in the land of the Reds, Manchester, Young Archie has brought together his love for his city, his people and his music artistically in this video for massive bolly-house track, Bombay Angel.

Releasing on Young Archie’s own record label, Boiler Room Records, the track has already been shown major support by some of the biggest radio DJ’s, including BBC Radio 1’s Nihal, and BBC Asian Networks Sonny Ji and DJ Kayper aswell as having been given radio airplay around the world in South Africa, Kenya, and Portugal. BOMBAY ANGEL is a spicy hypnotic house track that will make you want to keep raving right up until those early hours of the morning, where angels and devils across the world unite to enjoy true, pure, quality music.

The video was shot in and around Manchester by Knight Industries, giving emphasis to all that is good in the city. In bad times somehow we forget the good, but this video reminds us that even in dark times we can always find a light. The light here is definitely Young Archie’s Bombay Angel, descending from the Heavens wearing an I <3 Manchester t-shirt. The video screams to the people to be proud of who you are and where you come from, as is Young Archie, and that is simply what this video is all about.