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Surjit Khan - Headliner 2 (Out Now)

After the huge worldwide success of their previous album together "HEADLINER" The deadly duo SURJIT KHAN & RAVI BAL return with 10 Brand new monster tracks on "HEADLINER 2" - Out Now on iTunes.

The good news is that Surjit Khan, whose career is now spanning long past a decade, is recording his magnificent instrument which is still to this day retaining plenty of its power and agility. Set out to reignite passion into the genre with his magnetic persona and fiery songs reminiscent of days past, Khan has a voice so forceful it can roll back time. Being blessed with a deep and distinctive voice; his timbre is authoritative, but also warming to the ear.

Much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans who have experienced diamond gem discs including 'Akhian Ladha Lai Chup Karke,' 'Hassia Na Kar' and 'Balle Ishqaa,' his newest offering ‘Headliner 2’ sees Surjit Khan reignite the formidable collaboration with renowned production pioneer, Ravi Bal. As Khan’s career has progressed, he's also come to ally it to something of a Ravi Bal signature sound, based around intrinsic musical compositions, sometimes all coated in an energy-filled, structured sheen.

Stepping from the stone's left from their previous crater, Surjit Khan and Ravi Bal beared no remorse leaving behind the infectious 'Juthi' and destructive 'Chakne Noo Kare Thiar'. With Headliner 2, the dynamic collaboration aimed to deliver and have presented an unyielding and substantially satisfying collection of high quality upbeat tracks and atmospheric ballads. Containing ten tracks, the album contains some magic moments: the vocal fireworks capping the extraordinary electric "Jugni", the deep lyricism and effortless delivery in "Maa" and the playful Seventies-style soul-jazz jammy "Gabhru Panjab Varga". Alongside these precision treasures are the monstrous "Tor Shakeena Di" and volcanic "Been" which add to the set of tracks which is louder and proficient than its predecessors, with the singer delivering uniformly stellar performances.

Headliner 2 is something special. It's an impressively cohesive and dynamic second release from a duo that possesses experience in abundance but can still offer so much potential. With an already well established identity, it's exciting to see what realms of space Surjit Khan and Ravi Bal will venture to next.

Written by Harvey T Minus (