Bikram Singh - BIK I AM (Out Now)

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“BIK I AM”, the third full length (LP) album from New York’s very own and internationally renowned Bhangra artist, Bikram Singh, is out now.

Since the release of Singh’s first mixtape “Exclusives” in 2004, Bikram has released two highly acclaimed full length albums “American Jugni” (Vip Records/Universal Music India) and “Tip Top” (Vip Urban/Angel Records), toured the world, collaborated with mainstream artists including Das Racist, Bellringer, and Wyclef Jean. Bikram Singh’s music has also been featured in Hollywood films, TV shows and numerous music compilations.

Once again, Bikram pens most of the songs on “BIK I AM” with assistance from Raj & Pops (Tigerstyle), a clear manifestation of collaborative effort in the creation of this new body of work. Tigerstyle reengaged on “BIK I AM” as 9 of 14 tracks are produced by the Scottish music production Duo. Other producers on the album include Canada’s PropheC, New Jersey’s Ranbir S., London’s Mentor Beats, Twin Beats, and DDS (E-Camp Productions). Vocal collaborations include Premi Johal (O’ Tina O’ Tina), Bellringer, PropheC, Jyoti Gill, and a New York hip hop artist Pramanik.

“We have taken our time with this one”, explains Mr. Singh, “the lyrics are fresh, the production is outstanding, and it’s a fusion between the old and the new school.” Pops from Tigerstyle seemed to be very pleased in working with Mr. Singh, “Bikram and Tigerstyle have an amazing working relationship, we write and compose lyrics together and essentially it’s an amazing vibe in the studio.” The album is set to be released on Soldier Sound Recordings, in UK and Europe, Inar Records in America, and Sony BMG in India. BIK I AM includes two hit singles “Beyonce” & “Kinna Sohna Munda” which are currently on heavy rotations on radio stations worldwide, further singles including remixes will follow in the coming months.


01 Kinna Sohna Munda (Bikram Singh - Kinna Sohna Munda (Full Video)

02 Beyonce  (Bikram Singh feat. Tigerstyle - Beyonce (Full Video)

03 Tenu Kinne Sikhaya [Feat. Johal Premi]

04 Electro Love Boliyan [Feat. Ranbir S.]

05 Nachengi [You Can Dance]

06 Mere Naal Nach [Feat. Twin Beats]

07 Mein Na Avanga 08 Soni Lagdi

09 Just For a Dance [Feat. Mentor, Bellringer & Pramanik]

10 Naina’ch Sharab

11 Ghar Aja Ve Mahi [Feat. Jyoti Gill]

12 Yaari Yaaran Di

13 Jaaniye [Feat. PropheC]

14 Mere Naal Nach [Feat. DDS (Remix)]

Bik.I.Am - Bikram Singh


Bhangra Crazy
+4 #3 Bhangra Crazy 2011-12-03 10:36
Twin Beats track is off the hook.....I just Love it!!!! Best track on the album!
Nick Hothi
+4 #2 Nick Hothi 2011-11-27 19:02
good album, stand out tracks are mere naal nach - solid production from Twin Beats and I like yaari - tigerstyle back on it.
+1 #1 ABCUGetMyDrift 2011-11-17 21:48
no gunjun?

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