Rajeev B ft. Nav Sidhu - Hai Soniyeh (Out Now)

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E3uk are proud to present the debut solo single from Nav Sidhu in conjunction with Rajeev B titled Hai Soniyeh, listen to promo here!

{audio}media/Music/Nov11/Rajeev B - Hai Soniyeh.mp3{/audio} Listen to the promo now!

Rajeev comes off the back of his debut single "Daroo" which was vocalled by renowned lyricist Jelly Manjitpuri. The track was the highest new entry on The Official Asian Downloads Chart Show at No 2 and topped the iTunes World Music Chart in less than 24 hours of it’s release!

Now ready for his biggest challenge, Rajeev’s first original studio album 'The Takeover' is set for release on E3UK Records later in 2012. The album will feature the likes of Nirmal Sidhu, Surinder Saini, Late Kaka Bhaniawala and many more. The music comes with production values that will appeal to the young or old, urban or Asian. Rajeev B hopes to continue his journey and leave his mark on the UK music industry.

Nav Sidhu meanwhile has seen success accompanying his father Nirmal Sidhu on his recent religious album "Bandagi" and also via Dj Dips' Nachale Sanu Naal. Nav Sidhu is already following in his father’s footsteps and will surely be going places in the future.

The single "Hai Soniyeh" is out now via iTunes .

Hai Soniyeh (feat. Nav Sidhu) - Single - Rajeev B


0 #6 JotSandhu 2011-11-26 12:43
LOL how tutti can you get? whos this fat guy on the front cover? get the f off baddeh producer baneh firdeh
Pali Aujla
0 #5 Pali Aujla 2011-11-25 00:40
Ok really guys what the f is this all about? Rajeev how about learn production for starters? Nav - you're talented just dont let it get to your head like your dad. Style of the song is a bit pathetic and the video is just dumb. Kudos stick to what you know best (dj'ing) none of you produce. leave that to the big boys! Shinda/aman hayer etc..
Pop star
+1 #4 Pop star 2011-11-24 12:11
Ok I've heard the track....... Drum roll please drrrrrrrrrrrrrr thishhh


Come on please... This guy isnt really a wow factor vocal!!! Just another H Dhami living off his dads name! But Nav isn't as bad as h Dhami!

Rajeev B is a bit chubby to say he is ment to be going on image!
And Nav sidu good job he is wearing shades to hide his snake eyes like his dad!

Overall 0/10
-4 #3 Simba5ingh 2011-11-18 08:34
Quoting Jawaan singhz:
Rajeev B aka Angel?

All the tracks coming from E3UK camp sounds same...

None of these producers come out with a video to shut up the haters by performing live..

Sounds good, e3uk camp bringing a different sound to the industry. Looking forward to this one, who ever produced this - has a fresh and creative mind for music, not the same old recycled beats/samples we hear in every song.
Jawaan singhz
+4 #2 Jawaan singhz 2011-11-17 22:31
Rajeev B aka Angel?

All the tracks coming from E3UK camp sounds same...

None of these producers come out with a video to shut up the haters by performing live..
-2 #1 ABCUGetMyDrift 2011-11-17 21:47
not a fan of these new comers but damn Rajeev B is actually pretty good.

Daroo is still in my playlist and this is probably going to be as well. Its a bit different than usual and may get time to get used to but good stuff from young nav

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