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Main Tu Assi Tussi (Punjabi Ost)

-Track Listing-

01 - Meri Bukkul De Vich Chor
02 - Dil Ki Sandookdi
03 - Bele Vich Majja Chaar (part 1)
04 - Laayi Sajna Te Nibhaa Sajna (part 1)
05 - Chit Kare Mara (bonus track)
06 - Bele Vich Majja Chaar (part 2)
07 - Laayi Sajna Te Nibhaa Sajna (part 2)

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 Mr. Kulbhusan Kharbanda  - (Double Role) as Hukum Singh & Hukumdin
Rakesh Bedi – (Double Role) as Karam Singh & Karamdin

Introducing –
Manmeet Singh as Jassi
Karishma  Singh as Rosy

Rana Jung Bahadur – (Double Role) as Bujja Singh Bhuchal & Bujja. S. Tooffan
Sunita Dheer – as Hukum Singhs Wife
Upasna Singh – as Karam Singhs wife
Tanya Tandon – as Bujja Singhs wife
Yograj Sedha – as Jeweller
Kuldip Sharma – as Rickshawala
B.N Sharma – as Shopkeeper
Raman Mittal – as Policeman
Rana Ranvir & Chota Amrit – as Qwaals
Goppi Bhalla – as Illamdin
Avtar Gill in a Guest Appearance

What if you were caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person? A young love story caught in a riot of comedy, Main Tu Assi Tussi breaks the boundaries of religion and countries (India and Pakistan) to showcase a plot of mistaken identities.

The story begins in the pre-partition days in the cosmopolitan town of Maler Kotla which sees the birth of three twins. Hukum Singh & Hukum Din played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Karam Singh & Karam Din played by Rakesh Bedi, Bhuja Singh Bhuchal & Bhuja Singh Tufian played by Rana Jung Bahadur. 

Daulat Singh, a rich landlord is living a satisfied life with his wife Noorbano and two sons - Hukum Singh and Hukum Din. Living alongside him is his good friend llam Din and his wife and two sons - Karam Singh and Karam Din. The partition forces llam Din to move to Lahore. In the hustle bustle, llam Din accidentally takes one of Daulat Singh's son, leaving his very own behind.

Hukum Singh and Karam Singh are living a pleasant life in Maler Kotla. That changes with the arrival of the troublesome duo of Hukum Din and Karam Din from Lahore.  Coming in disguise as part of a Pakistan Cultural delegation, they hatch a plan to discover wealth. However thanks to the suspicious eyes of Inspector Bujja Singh Bhuchaal, things don't go as planned for them.

The story however is not that simple. Caught in the Comedy of Errors is the love story of Rosy, Hukum Singh's only daughter who has fallen for Jassi, a budding pop singer. This news meets the strong disapproval of both Hukum and Karam Singh, who cannot stand the sight of singers! Hukum Singh desires his daughter to be married to Ranjit, son of his 'asylum confined' friend Bujja Singh Toofan.

Will the long lost brothers finally meet each other?
Will Rosy marry the love of her life?
Will Hukum Din and Karam Din be able to escape from Inspector Bhuchaal's hold?
What does the future hold for the asylum runaway Bhuja Singh Toofan?

With characters from different social backgrounds, Main Tu Assi Tussi is a hilarious outtake on how two people from Pakistan just turn around the Indian town of Maler Kotla. So witness the magic that is Main Tu Assi Tussi, Punjabi cinema's one of a kind romantic comedy that will leave you rolling away in laughter.