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SoundTheory - The Desi Beat Factory 3 [Promos]

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The Desi Beat Factory 3

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The follow-up to the acclaimed sample/loop CD by Soundtheory finally
launches world-wide. The Desi Beat Factory 3 flashes his skills as a
Tabla/Dhol player on this monster sample CD. Aimed towards DJs, Remixers,
Producers and Bands alike, this cd is a must have if you are in need of
dhol, tumbi, algoze, dholki, tabla samples/loops. The samples on the CD can
be used on the following softwares such as Fruityloops, Reason, Cubase SX,
Acid Pro etc. All samples were recorded in Panjab, UK and USA in
professional recording studios.

Let's go on with the tracklisting:

[1] TABLA WAREHOUSE - contains tabla styles ranging from r&b, hiphop, uk
garage, bhangra, panjabi, hindi
[2] DHOL WAREHOUSE - contains a wide range of dhol beats/styles
[3] VOCAL WAREHOUSE - contains "hoye hoye" vocals and many other vocal
[4] BHANGRA WAREHOUSE - contains tumbi & algoze
[5] CYMBALS WAREHOUSE - contains persian, arabic, indian cymbals
[6] BOLLYWOOD WAREHOUSE - contains hindi pop/filmi style loops/beats

Verdict? Well I would give this CD a 5/5, simply because its an original and
amazing effort by Soundtheory to give something positive to the music scene
and provide sample beats for everyone and anyone to use. I would suggest
that all DJs and Producers get there hands on this CD.

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