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Goga Takhar - Fit Figure (Out Now)


Goga Takhar presents the dubstep fused single 'Fit Figure' - Out now on iTunes.

Goga Takhar is not a new vocalist by any means. He has been in the Bhangra scene for a number of years now, however has only appeared on a limited number of tracks thus far.

Goga Takhar made his UK debut on the highly successful solo album by Gupsy Aujla titled 'Out Of Nowhere'. "Karpana" saw Goga Takhar on a dark drum and bass track, executing a flawless vocal performance on an unorthodox music style.
On the same album saw Gupsy Aujla unleash Goga Takhar on a desi number titled "Daru"! From "Karpana" to "Daru" saw the full versitality of this talented vocalist.

A year later saw Goga Takhar feature on 'Exhibit A' an album by Northern production unit 'Elusive'. The song "Haaniya" was seen as one of the hidden gems of the album, a dark dhol powered song that utilized the best from Goga's vocals.

Early 2007 would see Goga Takhar feature on the explosive "Boliyan" on the album 'Straight up' produced by Juggy Kan

He is now back with a new single and a whole new approach with ‘Fit Figure’. Not one for going down the typical route, Fit Figure is a heavy fusion based single, employing elements of dubstep music mixed with Punjabi vocals.

Fit Figure will be releasing on iTunes September 8th worldwide!

{audio}media/Music/Sept11/fitfigure_promo.mp3{/audio} Listen to the promo now!

Fit Figure - Single - Goga Takhar

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