Jazzy B - Maharajas (Out Now)

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The Crown Prince of Bhangra; Jazzy B with his brand new album 'MAHARAJAS'! Out Now! Listen to Full album Promos Here! -

Maharajas - Jazzy B

The album will feature collaborations with the legendary Kuldip Manak, and his son Yudhvir Manak, who will feature alongside Jazzy B. The album will also have a number of solo Jazzy B tracks.

The music for 'MAHARAJAS' has been done by Sukshinder Shinda.

Are you looking forward to the album? Do you think Jazzy B will go back to a folk sound for his new album?

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+2 #36 valliii 2011-09-16 16:39
maharajas is a classic album jazzy b and shinda the hole team done a great job u dont hear this kind of album anymore now days folk album now days its all about garage or urban music or bass maharjas is called a true album some of the songs have a story line about punjabi culture this is a hit album
mr singh
+4 #35 mr singh 2011-09-15 17:48
yes jk is tring to bring back jazzy b's old style coping his look from the past and the music production listen to jazzy b's old songs the music production is copied by jk its very similar jk does have a good voice but jus a jazzy b want a be jazzy b well sell more worldwide then jk no doubt
+2 #34 supergirl 2011-09-15 17:20
look people jazzy b is copied some much by other artists JK and BANNY A to name a few but there is only 1 jazzy b and JK u listen to his music production it is copied from some of jazzy b's older songs like londono patola, guggian da jorra and do jugtan which are older tracks of jazzy b's sang like 10 to 15 years a go and all these young people think it is all fresh music but its been copied look at JKs hair style copy of jazzy b from guggain da jorra jazzys first album and his beard GO T basicaly JK has gone with jazzy b's old style when jazzy started out cuz all jazzys old style back 15 years a go is in the past people have forgot it or u were not born back when jazzy started out
Jaggy Bains
+5 #33 Jaggy Bains 2011-09-15 10:23
sorry but you cannot compare Jazzy and JK at all. JK won best newcomer at the Brit Asia awards just last year, he is new to the game and made a great start with the singles and the album but idiots on this website are trying to compare a guy with a three year career with a guy who has had constant success for 17 years. Jazzy B has blessed the industry with 17 albums of non stop hits and was taught by the one and only Kuldip Manak, don't compare them. JK is world class but until he lives up to expectations with a second album and then a third, him and Jazzy can't be compared.
& people will always try to be like Jazzy B but i think JK has got his own style, he belts his voice better than Jazzy can and he dances a mile better than most singers. One thing JK and other newcomers can't do is make folk music like Jazzy because they don't know the stories and the traditions like Jazzy does.

He is the crown prince of bhangra for a reason.
-1 #32 TheRealDeal 2011-09-15 01:14
Just so you guys know - my cousin is the lead compiler at the Official Charts Company. Fact: In the first 5 days of digital sales, JKs album Gabru Panjab Dha outsold Jazzy Maharajas by huge amount. Shows you what album everyone prefers!
bhangra singh
+1 #31 bhangra singh 2011-09-14 14:41
why are people cursing jk i like both jk and jazzy b both there albums imo are 2 best albums of the year. why not embrace new great artists like jk rather than always finding a reason to put them down
+2 #30 Canada_Jatt 2011-09-14 00:09
What is up with everybody picking Jazzy B or JK? They both are talented and we are lucky to finally have some quality releases this year! I like both and respect to both. Great talented artists!!
0 #29 nakro 2011-09-13 18:15
no one is a threat to jazzy b wht has jk or any other jazzy b wanna be done jazzy b is on a hole different level then jk i can see jk listing to maharajas over and over again so they can copy the production some how which he has done with songs in the past COPY JAZZY B
-1 #28 G-Boy 2011-09-12 19:06
u No Wot JK Is Much Better Den Dis Cat JK VOice Much Better JK Album Much Better Dis Jazzy Flopped On This On He Sees JK As A Threat JK SIIIK
+3 #27 musiz 2011-09-12 17:41
jazzy b album maharajas is a true punjabi folk album with stories lines behind some of the songs should be appricated u dont see this now days jus garage or urban tunes this is a proper folk album people listen to it learn something about your culture
+3 #26 soormaaa 2011-09-12 17:33
jazzy b is 1 of the top artists in the industry all these haters are jus jk fans and cant take maharajas is better then gabru punjab da which was a below average album and is a jazzy b want a be maharajas is a proper folk album which u never hear now days artist well copy jazzy and try to make more folk albums
+3 #25 jattzzz 2011-09-12 17:25
this album is the best folk album of the year so far this year.... artist well be tring to copy jazzy b in the 6 months to a year and goin back to more folk music with revibing some old tracks jazzy b can be copied but never duplicated he is the trendster his albums are always a hit and has a anthem on every album there are not to many artist like tht the guy has been in the industry for 17 years its because he is good

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