MC JD & JT Saund - Panjabi Boyz (Out Now)

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He has worked alongside international superstars RDB, Sean Paul, Afrikka Bambata and drum and bass legend Goldie. He has crossed all the musical boundaries and brought you something truly unique.

Are you ready to face the music?

Panjabi Boyz - MC JD

After being featured on such smash hits as Ishq Brandy (DJ H), Desi Desi (Planet Recordz), Krazy Jatt (Planet Recordz) and Tere Mere (E=MC) and featured on some collaborations that included the likes of Bhangra heavy hitters Lehmber Hussainpuri, Nirmal Sidhu, Labh Janjua and Geeta Zaildar - the man is back with his long awaited solo project.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) June 2011 – Take a dash of dancehall, mix in a little hip-hop and now add some bhangra, house and drum and bass flavors to the equation…What do you get?

Answer: MC JD’s long awaited solo album; MC JD – Panjabi Boyz.

This IS the epitome of Urban Desi music.

This MC is no newbie when it comes to stage shows, performing or studio work. With over 500 performances and 11 major releases under his belt he is now ready to settle into the limelight as a solo artist. MC JD comes from a diverse background stemming from his childhood on the streets of Brampton, Canada. Even at a young age a vast range of people and differing musical genres influenced him. His musical pallet was peppered with tastes of roots reggae to dancehall from acid house to hip-hop and from rap to folk bhangra. He eventually evolved into a well-rounded, well-versed and sound musician.

The forthcoming project – “Panjabi Boyz” is nothing short of exceptional! With production from acclaimed percussionist and producer JT Saund and with the addition of bhangra and Bollywood heavy hitters RDB and producer extraordinaire Pama Sarai this album is a definite dance floor smasher.

The first single off of this album “Panjabi Boyz” will be a dance floor banger at all parties! This single has the vocal stylings of MC JD and singer Jaspal Rana featuring the new UK bhangra sensation Saini Surinder. The heavy production by JT Saund is nothing less than his raw dhol beats and deep bass lines all mashed up with heavy rock guitars! DJs this is a definite track for your record bags, CD cases or your hard drives -> JT & JD have delivered tough! Watch out for the highly acclaimed and waited for video “Panjabi Boyz.” Not only have JT & JD smashed it with their sound, but they deliver full force in the “Panjabi Boyz” video!

The album will be sure to turn heads within the industry and make a lot of booties shake on the dance floor. The South Asian community and the global bollywood music industry are in store for an aural tsunami. The partnership of JT Saund and MC JD is exemplified on this album. In addition to the production of several singles off of this album the collab has blown away the competition on the stage with their collective - namely: JT & MC JD Roadshow.

"This album will be the standard for others to achieve; no other MC has brought to the table what MC JD is about to do – absolutely amazing" said Manish Sharma, former director of artist relations/management and BlueBandMusiq. "This will be the lift the South Asian Music scene needs – This is what the people have been fending for globally – This will make Canada a front runner within South Asian music.” These are the words of MC JD, as we caught up to him between studio sessions and interviews. “I will show the world what hard work and dedication sounds like globally on the musical big screen – be prepared! JT Saund has meticulously crafted his beats to introduce a new flava in the Urban Bhangra scene.”

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