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One Shot releases “Popular Demand”


One Shot is set to release his first single “Popular Demand” off of his highly anticipated mix tape: “True Colors” which is set to release on April 8th, 2011 and will be available as a FREE download from his fanpage.

His style is often is compared to the likes of Drake and Fabolous , however his unique delivery and masterful wordplay is what makes him different from them and the rest of the rappers in Canada. He is notoriously known for his sharply inventive verses and his single takes in the booth, his lyrical talent is opening the ears of many and it is only a matter of time until the world knows about One Shot.

“Popular Demand” is about One Shot accomplishments in the underground rap scene in Montreal, Quebec and how he is taking it by storm. A stellar video directed by Montreal director Justin Augustin has been shot and will be released on April 2nd. Shot was born in Pakistan yet raised in Montreal, he won't depict that typical rapper. However, it is his unique style and versatility that draws you in. Growing up listening to the legendary Jay-Z, One Shot was clearly inspired by Hip-Hop, but R&B, Rock and of course, sticking to his roots, Desi music have had great influence to his song writing and beat choice. Now, he is unstoppable and is just one step away from proving that dreams come true.

Beyond the new single and mixtape, Shot is working on a new album scheduled to be released in late 2011. The yet to be titled LP will be available via iTunes and his website. All he needs is one shot and one take to prove that he is not just the best rapper in the Montreal scene but the best new rapper period.

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