Mumzy's "Mama Used to Say"

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The journey for UK-based rapper/singer, Mumzy Stranger, began with his debut single “One More Dance”, which was released summer of 2010. This massive hit track led Mumzy not only to becoming one of the biggest sensations in the UK Asian music scene but also attributed to the formation and triumph of his debut album “Journey Begins”.

Following up on such huge success, Mumzy has yet again come out with a brand new single called, “Mama Used to Say” featuring Grammy-Award winner Junior. Mumzy has taken Junior’s original 80’s hit record of the same name and remixed it into a song with a crisp blend of reggae and pop. This track surely has Mumzy’s signature style but removes itself from today’s current radio vibes to bring a little bit of smooth old-school flavor! Recently, the dynamic team paired up for a scintillating performance of “Mama Used to Say” at the UK AMAs, where Mumzy Stranger also won the award for Best Urban Act.

Simultaneously, with the release of his fresh new single, “Mama Used to Say” on iTunes, Mumzy also released his sensuous sounding track “Showgirl” and sick “Mixtape” to his fans for a free download.

Check out Mumzy’s twist on “Mama Used to Say” on iTunes and check out the links below for free downloads of “One More Dance”, “Showgirl”, and Mumzy’s “Mixtape”.

Mama Used to Say - Single - Mumzy Stranger


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