Shawn Stackz releases 'Spin' Video

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Shawn Stackz has been dubbed “Mr. International” for his massive worldwide appeal releases his video 'Spin'.

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Shawn Stackz has been dubbed “Mr. International” for his massive worldwide appeal. Stackz who was born in London, England; now residing in Houston, Texas is one of the hottest new pop stars out! Stackz has been on a steady climb on the Rhythmic charts with his club smash hit “Spin”!

While gearing up to debut the video for “Spin” worldwide, Stackz is also promoting his new single  “Wreck This Club” which is a high energy club track that has become the perfect follow up to “Spin”!  Just these two songs alone have made Stackz the “must see club act” of the year! Stackz is currently head- lining shows in Houston, Las Vegas, El Paso, Modesto, Dallas, New York, Oklahoma, and many more!!!

Stackz has many other business ventures to include: the development  of a new reality show entitled “ Stackz World” and an energy drink “ Wind Up” named after Stackz third single!

Stackz has upcoming tours in India, United Kingdom, and USA to promote the release of his “Spin” music video and his new smash hit “Wreck This Club”!



Sonia J
0 #3 Sonia J 2011-03-16 09:39
Catchy beat different for sure.
DJ jpd
-2 #2 DJ jpd 2011-03-11 13:34
Dhol beat blends in nicely good track
kazzy k
-1 #1 kazzy k 2011-03-11 12:20
yoo he is buff, loving this beat x

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