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Menis - Look At Me Now (Video)


Following a successful 2010, Menis releases his first track for 2011 - 'Look at me now'. - Watch the video here

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The track celebrates the progress this young artist has made during his journey to fulfilling his musical dreams. He hopes to inspire and drive others through his story of overcoming disappointment and criticism through passion, hard work and determination.

Talking about the track Menis says: "I wrote 'Look at me now' because I have accomplished quite a lot, even though people didn't believe in my dream, I've made it a reality. It's about overcoming obstacles and being determined to make your dreams come true."

On this song we see another side of Menis' lyrical and vocal talent. Known for his eclectic and experiential sound, with energy and undertones of humor, 'Look at me now' isn’t what people may expect and is an impactful, emotion-fueled performance.

From music to image, Menis has paved his own way. Starting off in bedroom studios and performing at local youth clubs and pirate radio stations, this talented artist has gone on to independently release a number of tracks, has performed across the country, worked with well known producers, launched a popular range of clothing after his 2009 track 'Kool 2 B Asian' and is currently endorsed by Trikki Clothing and Fat Kyds fashion brands.

We last heard from Menis last year when he released the electro beat song 'Where's my money' featuring Jai Amore. Hot off the release Menis was chosen to perform on the first day of BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend 2010 in Bangor, which had an attendance of 20,000 music fans.

Menis has a lot more performances, music and fashion planned for 2011, starting off with the release of 'Look at me now'. The single is set to release on iTunes in the next few weeks and there will be a special second version of the track featuring RnB artist Sef.