West is West's ‘Kaala Doria’ Pop Promo

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The sensational music trio that is Shankar Ehsaan Loy have added their unique magical touch to the soundtrack of the highly anticipated sequel to ‘East is East’,  ‘West is West’.

Composing four original pieces of incredibly emotive music including songs ‘Kaala Doria’ and ‘Numaishaan Mohobbataan’ for the film, the trio have created the perfect backdrop for a film that will have audiences laughing, crying and cheering in their seats.

Kaala Doria, the first track to be released from the album is a hugely uplifting track that is guaranteed to be a winner and have the whole family dancing. The track features the voice of Sanjeev Kumar alongside Shankar Ehsaan Loy and is supported by the infectious, strong beats and rhythms that have become synonymous with the trio.

Commenting on their involvement with the film, the trio said: “We were delighted to be involved with the movie – East is East was a landmark film, and to be involved with the sequel is very exciting. Creating a score that reflects the emotions in a film is very different from writing songs, and West is West has given us the opportunity to also move away from traditional Bollywood music to much more earthy and Sufi-inspired sounds.“

‘West is West’, which is set for release on 25th February 2011, reunites original cast members Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistry, Lesley Nicol and Emil Marwa from the box office smash ‘East is East’.

Directed by Andy De Emmony (Fantabulosa) and written by Ayub Khan-Din (East is East), ‘West is West’ sees newcomer Aqib

Khan star as Sajid, the youngest of the dysfunctional Khan family who is packed off to stay with Mrs Khan #1 and her family in the Punjab, the wife and daughters George abandoned 30 years earlier. It is not long before Ella Khan (Mrs Khan #2), with a small entourage from Salford, England, swiftly follows to sort out the mess, past and present.

WEST IS WEST will open in cinemas everywhere across the UK on 25th February 2011.


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