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Desi Niche ft. Jin – If I Was Your Girl (Promo)


If I Was Your Girl is the debut single brought us from Desi Niche - a brand new album, courtesy of those responsible for the phenomenon that is “Bhangra Niche”, and the world famous Nightclub & Music Institution, the “Niche”, who have teamed up with various artists to create a “Deep Urban/Desi Style” of music.

The spark behind the idea of this collaborative project has stemmed from the Niche’s global success, and their relentless ability to identify and pioneer demands in the market; hence “Niche”.    
Producers within the Niche camp include Moss Da Boss, Jamie Duggan, Mr V, Da Booda, Delinquent, Shaun Banger Scott, DS1, Freddo, TRC and the Bhang Bros, who are all supported by Steve “Mr Niche” Baxendale, whose idea of a fusion of classical Bollywood/Bhangra-type sounds with Bassline music, was born in the Multicultural City of Sheffield.

With successes already under their belt, including partnerships with the Ministry of Sound, via Sound of Bassline 1 & 2 Albums, (both going Gold despite a recession), make the forthcoming debut album & the Niche camp’s latest project,       Desi Niche, destined to be a hit.

“2011 is definitely ours folks and you can bank on that.” – Moss

In fact, further proving that the camp is not afraid to explore new territories, the Niche has recently branched out into South Africa, under their by product Desi Niche SA, in partnership with the House Institution, and now a house hold name, the Ministry of Sound! “Why South Africa? Well, we don’t really know; things just happen!…”

If I Was Your Girl, the debut single from Desi Niche featuring Jin, is set to release January 31st. The single itself shows a great display of that raw fusion sound with a sophisticated twist, that so many of us in the desi-urban music scene love. Featuring various new & respected artists on the album appears to have proven a success already through exclusive hearings of it through the Music/Media world. Being Sheffield’s most significant urban music contributor, and now a worldwide name, the single and album are surely destined to be a hit amongst avid fans, and first time listeners.

Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!

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