Kanwar Bahaar - Baanwari (Out Now)

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Baanwari is a very melodious and suithing album presenting by GAPS Records which relaxes the soul. Gurjaz's music is simply superb which send a divine rapture to the audience.This song is an amalgam of passion,romance and craziness for love.This song highlights the situation of a love sick girl in a very eloquent way. She is is totally detached from the whole world.
The theme of this song 'Baanwri' is developed through the fact that spark of spirtual love and passion take hold of one's heart and soul to such an extent that one starts feeling the presence of its soulmate in everything such as fragrance of flowers;scented breeze and even in the sound of one's own breathes. So this wonderful emotion is very beautifully embodied in this song.

Bahaar has emblazoned this song with her thrilling voice quality and marvellous lyrics. So this song presents to us a potrait of a girl in whose heart rests a very tender soul which longs to meet her soulmate.Her heart is inextricably attached to her love.So she is given the name 'Baanwri'.

Listen to Promo of 'Dildaar' - {audio}media/Music/Dec10/Dildaar.mp3{/audio}

Through her upcoming track DILDAAR. She has presented herself in a manner thats really fantabulous. This track is a unique mixture of passion, softness, elegance and romance. And along with that lyrics of this song written by Bahaar are really awesome.  Music & composition by GURJAZ in this song is extra vagent which makes this song more comprehensive.

Album: Baanwari
Vocal & Lyrics: Kanwar Bahaar
Music: Gurjaz
Label: GAPS Records
Released Date
Single Released : Dec 2010
Album Released : Jan 2011



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