Nav Sarao ft MC JD, Tej Gill, Gita - Kee Kariye - MC JD Studio Sessions (Out Now)

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After a long hiatus, Nav Sarao brings you “Kee Kariye - MC JD Studio Sessions”. This release features 3 tracks featuring industry renowned MC JD, Tej Gill and Gita. “Kee Kariye”  features reggaeton rhythms fused with rap and Bhangra vocals. Additionally on this release is the “Kee Kariye” Acoustic version, as well as “Feel This Way” featuring MC JD and Gita.

This single is brought to you by Planet Recordz in anticipation of Nav Sarao’s full album titled “Mera Punjab” which is to be released in early 2011.

Since 2001, Nav Sarao has established himself as Canada’s most renowned producer in the Bhangra industry. After his last album released in 2004, Nav has been playing his role behind the scenes of the Canadian Bhangra industry by providing support for many Planet Recordz projects.

During this time, he has put together a slew of tracks in the studio, 8 of which are to be released early 2011 under the title “Mera Punjab.” This album will feature a cross between many different styles of music, and prominently feature Canadian based talent, as well as some very well known international talent including Shaukat Ali, Barkat Sidhu, and Manjit Pappu.

The video for the single “Kee Kariye” is completed, and will be released within a few days with added support from various media outlets in Canada, UK, and India.

Nav Sarao ft MC JD & Tej Gill - Kee Kariye - {audio}media/Music/Dec10/Nav Sarao - Kee Kariye promo.mp3{/audio}

Nav Sarao ft MC JD & Gita - Feel This Way - {audio}media/Music/Dec10/Nav Sarao - Feel this Way promo.mp3{/audio}

Nav Sarao ft MC JD & Tej Gill - Kee Kariye Acoustic - {audio}media/Music/Dec10/Nav Sarao - Kee Kariye Acoustic promo.mp3{/audio}




Kee Kariye (MC JD Studio Sessions) - Single - Nav Sarao (UK)

Kee Kariye (MC JD Studio Sessions) - Single - Nav Sarao (USA)

Kee Kariye (MC JD Studio Sessions) - Single - Nav Sarao (CANADA)


0 #3 SxeBrwnMan 2010-12-14 21:41
I don't know about the track but that Timbland - Shock Value stance is bad ass lol!

I am not a huge fan of his but I do respect his remix of Gal Sun on late Soni Pabla's Eternity (Naseebo). That song was amazing I expect stuff like that from him but as for this song it isn't that bad honestly. Is this the seem Tej Gill from E=MC album? Oh yeah Canadas Most renowed producer is E=MC not Nav Sarao. The beat of the song is good but not sure about the vocals seems like they played around with. I don't know what MC JD is doing on this though.
0 #2 DesiLuv 2010-12-14 18:22
Canadas Most renowed producer? He did one album and it was a flop in the UK. There are way better producers than him out of North America.
0 #1 Joker22 2010-12-14 18:00
cannot get whats the vocals have so so much effects and to be honest this sounds well old as its already done. Sorry boiz go back and do the work again and get rid of the stupid rap lines.

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