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Harry Pannu - Sachai "The Truth" (Out Now)


5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. introduces it's new artist Harry Pannu, with the release of Sachai "The Truth"

5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated solo album of its artist Harry Pannu.  Sachai "The Truth" contains 8 tracks with lyrics by Shammi Jalandhari, and music by Satnam Singh Chatha.

Pannu, a young artist from Jalandhar, Punjab is making substantial noise with a unique tone of voice and heartfelt, meaningful songs.  The music on all 8 tracks is backed by traditional indian instruments, adding authenticity to powerful lyrics about social awareness and about the day-to-day struggles of the masses.

With 4 videos already released for this album, Harry Pannu and 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. are making themselves known.

The album is available for purchase through itunes as well as 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc.'s online store at, where you can also view the videos.

Track Listing

1. Bhagat Singh
2. Maa Baap
3. Shak
4. Dhol
5. Dukhan Diyan Haneriyan
6. Tera Yeh Zamana
7. Brothers
8. Lahore


Sachai - The Truth - Harry Pannu (UK) Sachai - The Truth - Harry Pannu (USA) Sachai - The Truth - Harry Pannu (CANADA)

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