Panjabi MC Ft. Kuldeep Manak - Jodi (‘Big Day Party’) - Out Now

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This is the first single from the forthcoming 18 track album from Panjabi MC. The album entitled “THE RAJ”  is another 80 mins back to back anthems which Panjabi MC says he named after himself, because it is one of his best albums to date. “Working with Manak has always been a total pleasure as he always liked my sound’

Once again Legendary singer Kuldeep Manak compliments the heavy bass line and dance floor groove to perfection.  

Panjabi MC was hugely influenced by Kuldeep Manak from an early age, listening to old vinyls from his parents record collection.

The video, shot in a Chandighar night club, features Manak and PMC, entertaining a wedding party (well its relevent if nothing else!!)

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It’s the first time Manak and PMC have appeared on screen together!

“Its all about the big day, I love playing wedding sets because I can bring a night club feel to the classic wedding anthems and that’s what people want from a DJ. Nowadays they’re loving the mixing and scratching”.

This track is released from 1st november 2010 and has been getting a great response already!!


Big Day Party - Single - Panjabi MC (UK) Big Day Party - Single - Panjabi MC (USA) Big Day Party - Single - Panjabi MC (CANADA)



0 #1 SxeBrwnMan 2010-11-08 00:49
Are you guys serious? lol can't believe this hasn't received no replies before I got here. Anyways the legend is back alongside another legend in Kuldeep Manak! I love PMC but sadly I am not really impressed with this track. Don't get me wrong it will do damage on the dancefloor but you expect huge things when you hear PMC is doing a track with someone like Mr Manak, Or maybe I am just expecting to much lol. The production is pretty sweet with the class PMC tumbi sound, but what kills it is the algoze I find! The down side I find is that PMC's rap doesn't go with the track but I am pretty sure there will be a version of this track without the rapping on the album. This guy always brings out classics can't wait for the album!

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