Highflyers ft. Surinder & Maninder Shinda - The Shinda Duet (Out Now)

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After the success of their debut single ‘ Baa Farke’ featuring the late Kaka Bhaniawala, Highflyers are back with their mighty follow-up ‘The Shinda Duet’ . For this track Highflyers teamed up with Punjabi Folk legend Surinder Shinda and added a twist in the form of his son, the talented, Maninder Shinda.

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The father-son dynamic creates havoc and the result is a track that has potential to cause damage on the dance floor!

‘ We wanted to put some bravado back into Bhangra by creating a track that made you want to big up your chest and go crazy. Shinda is the only one who can ignite this kind of passion and do the track any justice’ explains DJ Gurj. Working with the Shindas was an amazing experience for Highflyers as DJ Indie explains ‘ It was an honour to work with them. Surinder Shinda is a master and his approach is so natural. Maninder is amazing - he adds a fresh, youthful vigour to the track and compliments his father’ s vocal really well. Maninder Shinda is definitely one to watch out for’ .

A music video to the single was shot by The Sound Pipe Media and featuring Highflyers and the two Shindas.

The single ‘ The Shinda Duet’ by Highflyers featuring Surinder Shinda and Maninder Shinda is out now to download from iTunes.

Watch out for Highflyers self-titled debut album releasing soon on The Sound Pipe Records. For more information about Highflyers and their forthcoming debut album please visit


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bb singh
+1 #6 bb singh 2010-12-13 13:15
Do you actually know anything about music .. soundpipe all over it .. just because doesnt sound like soundpipe doesnt mean it is .. trust me on that!!
+3 #5 Jassi_Singh331 2010-10-29 17:35
Amazing track and amazing production. If you guys heard the highflyers interview on BBC asian network, they mention how their album is not ghost produced - they are the people behind the production, mixing and mastering.

Everytime something decent comes out, apne bunde just can't stand it and have to put producers down because they can't accept the fact they are actually good. (thats apne bunde for you) always complaining.

Well done highflyers for igniting some spark in the industry. At least you guys are doing something.
+1 #4 kayzi 2010-10-25 19:34
Got to give a big up to highflyer, good track.... Dnt worry about the hattteeezzz.. Luvg the production, Music & Videos
+1 #3 jaz09214 2010-10-25 09:45
sounds nothing like the repetitive soundpipe's taj-e and bee2.. These lot are probably the best thing to come out of the record label, both their tracks are fresh and good. looking forward to hearing more from them..but hope the rest of the album isnt half produced and hasn't got the "soundpipe sound"
danny singh
-5 #2 danny singh 2010-10-23 10:58
soundpipes got there name all over this, soundpipe music, ghost production! failed again!
-4 #1 frantiz 2010-10-22 17:08
Dj/ghost producers killing Bhangra, now the old classics aswell and soundpipe well that says enough, people should stop supporting trash like this, good on sb for not adding the shit 'gora' speaking promo !

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