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Josh & Jas Ft. Jaswinder Dhagamia - Teri Toor (Out Now)

Introducing musical duo - Josh & Jas. From West London the aspiring producers who have put together an immense debut track - 'Teri Toor'.


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Bringing together their individual styles, ideas and experience with their common love for music, Josh and Jas present their own unique blend of desi beats and melodies. Part of Divine Musiq, the two have been friends, business partners and DJing together for many years and are now production partners, joining forces to present a new sound for UK Bhangra.

Josh is a well-known and regarded name in the party and wedding scene particularly in the South East. Clients are not only entertained with his mixes and music selections but are charmed by his down to earth nature and people skills, making him a much-demanded DJ.

Josh began DJing fifteen years ago and has been hooked ever since. A versatile DJ, Josh flawlessly switches between various genres; RnB, Bhangra, Garage, DnB, Bollywood, Disco and funky electro House. Inspired by DJs such as DJ EZ, live mixes are his forte, taking songs and giving them a different vibe, remixing and blending beats and genres, creating something new.

After having DJ’d with various roadshows, Josh set up Divine Musiq last year and the company has grown from strength the strength and has fast become one of the leading DJ roadshows. Over the years Josh has DJ’d at a number of prestigious venues across the UK and alongside artists such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Raghav and also featured in the video for the charity single with Heera, Shin, Nirmal Sidhu, Apna Sangeet and Premi.

Having spent over a decade surrounded by music and playing tunes by others, Josh finally felt it was time to bring his own ideas to life. Teaming up with Jas from Divine Musiq he brings years of experience, knowledge and a more mainstream musical influence to the duo.

Jas’s musical journey started to take shape when he began taking dhol lessons and then performing as part of the renowned Ministry of Dhol. Performing alongside DJs at gigs he naturally picked up the basics of DJing. Deciding to take things further he bought a set of decks, started practicing and went on to work with a number of roadshows and now is co-founder and DJ for Divine Musiq.

Entertaining crowds with the very best of Bhangra, Bollywood, RnB and House music for over six years, Jas has developed his own technique. Funky, innovative scratching skills and taking beats from one track and mixing them into other tracks is his formula for a successful party. Having played the dhol, his understanding of beats and tempos, particularly of Bhangra is a strong point.

Jas’s DJ career has taken him across the country and seen him perform with big names like Lember Hussainpuri, Malkit Singh and Sukshinder Shinda. He is now ready to take things to another level and release his own music. Having always wanted to produce music and create music which people would enjoy listening or dancing to, the young talent has moved on from creating beats on Fruity Loops on his computer and for the past year has been learning the ropes behind a production desk.

Combining their skills, knowledge and talent, Josh and Jas hope to continue to entertain audiences, but this time with their own songs. Their sound is developed from an eclectic mix of mainstream and desi influences. The two have a common desire to present something new and relevant and both showcase their individual strengths in the studio, whilst sharing similar views of what sounds good and what makes a hit.

They’ve been playing to satisfied crowds for years, they know what works on the dance floor and above all they are huge music fans. This mix of knowledge and passion drives their creativity and need to music for the crowd, inspired by the crowd!