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RDB & Nindy Kaur Walk Toronto International Film Festival Red Carpet



RDB & Nindy Kaur Walk Toronto International Film Festival Red Carpet Toronto, Canada – International superstars RDB and Nindy Kaur have been continuously touring across the world, shooting music videos for their forthcoming album Worldwide, working on new Bollywood projects, and
attending esteemed events in the industry.

Every year Toronto is host to Toronto International Film Festival. Founded in 1976, the Toronto International Film Festival is now one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, screening between 300-400 films. This year marks the 34th annual festival.

On September 14th, RDB singers Manj Ral & Nindy Kaur were seen walking the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival party, hosted by Entertainment Tonight Canada. Sponsors of this grand event were L’oréal, Global, The Bay, and Liberty Grand. This spectacular event took place at the Yorkville Rooftop, in Toronto. The event was high profile and ultra-exclusive; There were meet and greets with Hollywood & TV celebrities, as well as, film directors & producers.

RDB & Nindy Kaur were also seen attending the Toronto International Film Festival two years ago as Singh is King was showcased during the festival. Additionally, RDB created the music which was used for the feature film Cooking with Stella, which was directed by Dilip Mehta.

Manj stated, “We were there representing the Bollywood Industry and the great success of our collaborations with mainstream artists in Bollywood.” He also went onto state, “This year we attended the Toronto International Film Festival in support of the film West is West, [the second part to East is East,]. Next year we will also have another huge film to look forward to at the film festival.”

On a concluding note, Manj asserted that, “We need to show the world how we are making a huge movement within the mainstream film industry with our music. We are always breaking barriers for the South Asian industry with our collaborations.”

Music wasn’t the only reason RDB & Nindy Kaur stood out. They are true fashion icons as well. Nindy Kaur’s outfit was from Frontier Delhi. Her jewelry was by Mahavir in Mumbai, and gorgeous footwear provided by Rocia in Mumbai. Manj rocked the red carpet with a stylish outfit by D&G and Etro clothing.

The most anticipated release from the RDB camp is their forthcoming album, Worldwide, which is set to release in the later part of 2010. Recently we gave you a sneak peak at RDB’s video shoot in Miami. But most importantly, RDB & Nindy Kaur are always there for the fans. You can find RDB on Twitter, as well as Nindy Kaur. RDB also has their official Facebook fanpage, alongside Nindy Kaur

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