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Harbhajan Mann - Vaari Vaari (Out Now)


Harbhajan Mann, the name that draws ultimate respect from all music lovers worldwide, is to release his 20th album on the T-Series label.

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The album features 9 tracks which have been written by the legendry Babu Singh Maan is the perfect fusion of traditional and innovative sounds of that makes 'Vaari Vaari' of the most anticipated album of the year.

Featuring collaboration of HM & creative genius Jaidev Kumar will surely quench the thirst of bhangra fans around the world.

Enjoy the promo which features Deana Uppal, a UK based Asian Model in the lead role.

Track Listing

1. Vaari Vaari
2. Call Jalandhar Ton
3. Maa Di Boli
4. Puran Putt Pardesi
5. Nach Ni
6. Rang Tamashe
7. Shrabian Di Aadat
8. Naa Ja Sohnea Sajjna
9. Dilbarian

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