Emcee Hash ft Mona Sampath Dance Company - Naach (Video)

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Check out the latest video by Emcee Hash titled Naach.

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Hash’s music influences range from the Bollywood and classic Desi sounds, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop & Rap to the electronic sounds of Trance and Techno. He successfully fuses Hindi & English lyrics to create soulful and catchy tracks that are savored by both the East & the West.

His recent release of “Naach” is characteristic of the type of songs that he delivers.

After independently releasing his debut album, Epiphany, in late 2008 Hash spent considerable time in doing performances and pushing his music through internet and “word of mouth”! Whilst promoting and showcasing Epiphany, Hash worked on a new commercial sound for his upcoming EP.

The EP contains 4 completed tracks which showcase the ultimate fusion of East with the West to a banging beat and smooth lyrics. Unlike the first album which catered to an underground sound this album focuses on delivering tracks that not only make you think, but force you to break it down on the dance floor at the same time.

With this album, Hash endeavors to continue his efforts in connecting with a broader audience and introduce them to a unique blend of cultures through his music!



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