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Bobby (UK)

Bobby (USA)

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A new sensation that Bhangra has never experienced before is set to hit the music industry, by having the most unique and recognisable voice of his generation. It's rare when a young UK born artist at the age of 19 has a God given talent to compose and sing his own songs. Therefore, with the image and flair of vocals, Bobby Kang is believed as the future of Bhangra.

Bobby Kang was born Parminderjit Singh Kang in Walsall, West Midlands. He is the youngest of four siblings. From the tender age of four Bobby was encouraged by his Father and older Brother to start performing at family functions, after being inspired by the likes of Surjit Bindrakhia , A.S Kang and Surinder Shinda.

In 2005, Bobby took upon the opportunity to be taught by the legendary music director Baldev Singh Mastana Ji, who developed his vocal range and knowledge of music. However, at the same time Bobby was keen on joining a live band; which is when he was introduced to the renowned “King Of Bhangra” Malkit Singh MBE, and joined his band as a backing vocalist in 2006.

Bobby is set to release his debut single “Sang Lagdi” in 2010. The single has been produced by the mega hit producer Jeeti, and the lyrics by the internationally acclaimed Tari Banwalipuria.

The Teenager looks set to redefine the UK Punjabi music rulebook. As 2010 will be the beginning of the journey for Bobby Kang as Malkit Singh and his 25 years of experience is being past down to Bobby.

For all media bookings and enquiries contact
Bainzy (B-Loud) on +44 7977 47 57 97, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Bobby (UK)

Bobby (USA)

Bobby (CA)


-2 #17 TimeForChange 2010-08-26 22:18
Its sad to see what the bhangra industry has come to, the vocals on this track are seriously poor, i can sing better than that, no lie!! And i cant even sing well!!
I feel for the producers cos its money in your hand and who can say no to that, the music is top quality as always with Jeeti but Bobby dont give up your day job. Its people like you that are breaking the bhangra industry apart with the poor quality.
ironman aka Singhkin
-2 #16 ironman aka Singhkin 2010-08-25 08:34
7. The target group is the new generation of youngters (which no musical knowlegde). If believe Bobby Kang and G. Deep can sing, then surely you don't know about music.

8. It's about the looks - Face value.

9. It's family business

10. It's about having work (From the producers side)

Last but not least, everyone should say goodbye to real singing talent, the legends such as gurdas mann, to true hard work, to value of our culture regarding singing, to anything called real music and finally say goodbye to music we once all loved.

Is the Zombie era, zombies hungry for money - no matter what it takes!!! Besureely zombies eating everyone they can get.
ironman aka Singhkin
-3 #15 ironman aka Singhkin 2010-08-25 08:30
MusicMan4Real true words man!!!!

My heart is litteraly broken after seeing how the scene is in the UK!!! People don't know what singing is any more, it has become something which people think comes out of "thin air".

Here are reasons for people such as Bobby Kang among others such as G. Deep, Hardee, Milan, Naaz Kally, Tank, Jasz Gill and Kamal Raja, Manj Banwait etc.

1. No hard work - Even though they call it hard work, it's not hard work in the right direction but the wrong one!

2. No lessons or musical knowlegde - People such as G. Deep among others are all BATHROOMS SINGERS!

3. The new generation of UK/US/Canda don't have anything compare to, the standard have become singers like G. Deep, Manj Banwait.....

4. To many friends and family supporting even though the "singer" have no talent.

5. It's not singing but business. You got the money, contacts or family in the business, you can get any producer to do the music.

6. It's about quick fame.
Satinder Kalsi
-4 #14 Satinder Kalsi 2010-08-24 14:14
Agree with most of the comments. This guy can NOT sing. He is flat and out of tune throughout the song.

Surprised Jeeti even put his name to this. Awful
-4 #13 MusicMan4Real 2010-08-24 10:00
Come on Guys I am no people hater or music hater... I am jus stating that this guy BOBBY KANG is not a singer, this song is an insult to MUSIC CREATION, i dont blame the singer as this guy would not even make it as a bathroom singer forget bathroom not even a toilet singer....This is not B**Sh*t...

Please music listeners and music lovers this is an insult to MUSIC overall...

I blame his parents and his management for giving this guy encouragement.. . very biased opinions because your parents are gonna love you no matter what... On top of this he has a booking number..... The Bhangra industry is finished for sure...... TONE DEAF INDUSTRY...... Next this geeza is gonna start teaching.... A disgrace to UK BHANGRA industry..... Please tell this guy to learn sumthing please B4 he releases another tune...... TOTAL SH*T
-2 #12 Singhking 2010-08-17 11:24
everyone saying this guy can sing is either from UK (as usual), have no sense of music and being "in tune" (musical knowlegde) (as usual), family members and friends (as usual) of simply tone deef :-)
tavi kaur
+1 #11 tavi kaur 2010-08-13 23:03
when is full video out?
bhangra singh
+15 #10 bhangra singh 2010-03-19 15:23
he has a huge future in bhangra i knw him grew up with him hope he does great :):):)
+19 #9 GaganPadda 2010-03-18 17:06
FANTASTICCCCCCC C!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all i can say!
desi jat
+16 #8 desi jat 2010-03-17 11:55
kid doing well with b-loud managements best of look bro!
Romantic JATTI
+14 #7 Romantic JATTI 2010-03-15 21:41
Iv heard alot from facebook about this new artist over the past day from many friends, so iv taken a look today and all i can say is 'Im feeling the vibe' Take my advice dont listen to any haters because there all jelous!!! Atleast you doing something for the bhangra industry... Keep it up BOBBY KANG, Cant wait for the single...
Gurjeet Sehmbi
-19 #6 Gurjeet Sehmbi 2010-03-15 20:09
Just heard the sample.. Maybe he shouldnt have! the vocals are weakkkkkkkkk

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