Nirmal Sidhu feat Nav Sidhu - Bandagi (Out Now)

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The first release that will lead E3UK from behind the scenes and into the wilderness is Nirmal Sidhu’s first religious release titled “Bandagi”. A self composed album based on the religious figure Baba Farid Ganjshakar Ji, revered by Sikhs, Muslims and Hindu’s alike. He was a Sufi saint whose lineage follows the Chisti order of Sufism, yet he also features prominently in the Guru Granth Sahib scriptures of Sikhism. He not only is a figurehead spiritually but also gave light to Punjabi Literature and poetry, where much of his work appears in Asian Music. From the great Jagjit Singh to the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, all have taken influence and performed the kalaam of the great Baba Farid.



1. Bandagi {audio}media/Music/Aug10/Nirmal Sidhu feat. Nav Sidhu - Bandagi.mp3{/audio} Listen

2. Kaale Mende Kapre

3. Benimaaza

4. Behra

5. Kaali Koyal

6. Phir Dekhan Ki Aas {audio}media/Music/Aug10/Nirmal Sidhu - Phir Dekhan Ki.mp3{/audio} Listen

7. Naam Simran {audio}media/Music/Aug10/Nirmal Sidhu - Naam Simran.mp3{/audio} Listen

Singers: Nirmal Sidhu & Nav Sidhu

Music Composed By: Nirmal Sidhu


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Nirmal (UK)

Nirmal (USA)

Nirmal (CANADA)

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