Garry Sandhu - Main Nee Peenda (Out Now)

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From the heart of the West Midlands hails singing sensation Garry Sandhu. Garry’s musical background began with being trained in Kaweshri (a form of singing historical events without music). Over the last 6 years he has diversified his natural singing talent into modern day Bhangra music. Produced and recorded for this year, the album ‘Ishq Pilonda’ is a dynamic collaboration between Garry Sandhu and Kam Frantic. The 8 track album will be released shortly for download from all leading online outlets.

The highly anticipated single ‘Main Nee Peenda’ is the first official release from the album ‘Ishq Pilonda’. All the tracks were written and sung by Garry Sandhu.

The album features 8 new tracks including the You Tube hit ‘Dil De De’. Ishq Pilonda’ will surely appeal to all Bhangra fans old and new.

The release of the new single is supported by an exciting new video shot by Guvy Heer which will be airing soon here at! Enjoy the promo below!

Label: R-Soundz
Genre: Bhangra

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Garry (UK)




ashleigh kaur
+1 #4 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-21 12:57
yhh boii
he is a badass lovin the flow nad the style bbe x
+2 #3 DADAD 2011-03-03 11:53
Quoting r.sandhu:
GREAT!Love It! i can't wait for the full video! =)

loving evry bit of garry sandhus music never coud guess wht he will be wearing in the nxt video i msut say u are very good looking
love u loads and love u always
dil lagda nahi kaliya da
+3 #2 purewell 2010-07-27 18:19
looking forward to the full video :O
+5 #1 r.sandhu 2010-07-22 21:25
GREAT!Love It! i can't wait for the full video! =)

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