Blitz feat RDB - Kiss (Chumma) [Out now[

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After the Success of his Rhyme Book album in 2007/2008, Blitzkrieg is back on the scene with the summer's biggest collaboration. Blitz has teamed with mega Bollywood producers RDB for the single "Kiss" (Chumma) from his forth coming album "GET BLITZ".

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The single will be available for digital and physical sale in August 01 2010 & the album will follow in September.

The song is a fusion of Blitz's urban Toronto Rhyme style & RDB's urban Bollywood. Blitz has always collaborated with the best of the UK music industry and it was only natural to work with Bollywood's hottest urban producers RDB.

Watch out for the full song and coming soon. Spread the word coz its time to GET BLITZ! - Home of Bhangra Online


0 #2 JattiiKurrii 2010-08-12 18:41
Surprisedd by thiss wunn.. didnt thinkk thaa RDB would be doin sumfin like thiss, think i've heardd better.
missy xx
0 #1 missy xx 2010-06-25 00:02
sounds phat, looking forward this for sure :)

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