Jaskurn Gosal ft. Bunzy Mack & As Amar– Haan Baliye (Out Now)

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Enter, Australia. Enter, Jaskurn Gosal.

Jaskurn Gosal is a 25 year old music producer hailing all the way from Australia. After releasing last years smash hit, 'Nachne Da Mazza', down under’s number one bhangra producer is back to showcase his talents with the 1st single off his debut album – the 1st single from an Aussie artist in the bhangra scene!. 'Haan Baliye'!

This time Jaskurn comes with a whole new vibe. Whilst having a desi feel, the urban influence of the song helps to give the listener an insight to the laid back, relaxed, way of life down under.  Add into the equation Canadian rapping sensation Bunzy Mack and the raw desi vocals of A.S Amar from Jalandhar India, this 'bhanging' summer vibe is set to be riding radio airwaves, blazing out of every car and tearing up dance floors worldwide.

So, chuck another shrimp on the Barbie and get ready for this sizzling track which is out now, click link below to BUY!


Are you ready?? Haaaan Baliye!

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0 #3 drake 2010-07-02 18:57
canada's number one rapper is drake follewd by classified if not knaan then humble the poet y'al l bitches talkin shi.btw dun forget kardinall
0 #2 jeetu. 2010-06-20 23:08
summer tune worth the 79p :)
0 #1 Ronnylicious 2010-06-20 22:59
Great song!!!
Make sure you all buy it!!

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