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Nach Patlo - Various Artists (Out Now)

The ten track album which features, Nachatar Gill, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Hans Raj Hans, Miss Pooja and many more is the long waited album by Baldev Mastana whose last album titled, 'Icons' was released in 2008.

Lehmber Hussainpuri - Nach Patlo - BUY NOW

“NACH PATLO” ... The wait is finally over. Baldev Mastana comes back with a bang!!  The long awaited album “Nach Patlo” consisting of 10 mind-blowing tracks is finally here. Music Maestro Baldev Mastana has worked long and hard to give you 10 tracks which pleases all ages.  Be it Folk Punjabi, Bhangra or Sad, this album has it all. All the lyrics of this album are written by the man with the magic pen “A.S Tari Bidhipuria”.

This fantastic compilation includes Internationally acclaimed artists such as Hans Raj Hans, Nachhatar Gill, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Miss Pooja, Shinda Sureela, Sudesh Kumari, Mallika-Jyoti, Ranjit Raana, Charanjit Channi, Surinder Thandi and introducing SUNNY KHAIRA.

Brief overview of the album:

The album opens up with the track “Billo” (a song for any wedding party) a fast upbeat duet sung by Shinda Sureela and Miss Pooja. This will surely get you of your feet!

Followed by, the title song “Nach Patlo” another floor thumping track sung by the none other than the King of Bhangra Lehmber Hussainpuri.

The album then moves on to a song which takes you into another dimension with the song “Es Janam” (here the song talks about not losing hope) sung by the artist who’s already captured the hearts of every generation through his versatile singing ... Nachhatar Gill!

Mallika-Jyoti then come into action with a peppy giddha song titled “ Ni Sun Sasse” which takes you back to Punjab with a traditional folk feel. (All you mother – in – laws will love thisJ)

Dance away to the song “Nachiye” with the powerful voice of Ranjit Raana. Another floor thumping song which will get you in the mood to dance in any party.

Halfway through the album and the one any only Hans Raj Hans takes your breath away with his thundering vocals in the masterpiece “Chete Kar Kar” (In remembrance)... A song that will stay with you forever!!

“Tu VI Nach le” then kicks in with the vocals of “Punjab Da Munda” Surinder Thandi.  A voice well known in Punjab and will cross all borders with this song.

“Sudesh Kumari” The melodious Queen beautifully renders the song “pyar”. A song that you’d want to put on repeat again and again.

Introducing the charming and talented SUNNY KHAIRA with his debut song “Raunkaan” which is definitely going to rock the Punjabi music scene. A name to watch out for.

The album then rounds off with the song “Mere Apne Rabba” sung by Charanjit Channi. Singer with a raw Punjabi folk voice!

Overall this mind-blowing album will fill you with pride once in possession of.... NOT TO BE MISSED!

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Chete Kar Kar

{audio}media/Music/May10/Nach Patlo/Chete Kar Kar mp3 Demo.mp3{/audio} -

Es Janam

{audio}media/Music/May10/Nach Patlo/Es Janam mp3 Demo.mp3{/audio} -

Mere Apne Rabba

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Nach Patlo

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{audio}media/Music/May10/Nach Patlo/Nachiye mp3 Demo.mp3{/audio} -

Ni Sun Sasse

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{audio}media/Music/May10/Nach Patlo/Pyar mp3 Demo.mp3{/audio} -


{audio}media/Music/May10/Nach Patlo/Raunkan mp3 Demo.mp3{/audio} -

Tu Vi Nach Le

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