DJ Kayper is going to be spinning all over the Cannes Film Festival.

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If you were organizing the world’s most prestigious film festival, who else would you book for a party other than the best? That explains why DJ Kayper is going to be spinning all over the Cannes Film Festival. She has toured the world with just her turntables, intoxicating club-goers with her sick beats and her next stop is Cannes, France where she will DJ three prestigious, high-profile events. DJ Kayper will start her tour of the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, May 16th where she will spin Ashok Amritraj’s 100th Film Party hosted by Variety Magazine at the Terrazza Martini. Terrazza is one of Canne’s hottest spots where the likes of Robert Pattison and Paris Hilton were photographed during last year’s festival.

Politics take over on May 17th, with the launch of Love, Barack; Mallika Sherawat’s new film about a cross-party love story during the Obama campaign in 2008. DJ Kayper will break the Democrat – Republican tension as she lures people to the dance floor.  Bollywood turned Hollywood actress Mallika Sherawat and her Love, Barack co-star, Bryan J White, will host the launch at the India Pavilion.

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DJ Kayper will close out the film festival on May 18th at a yacht party for Benaroya Pictures.

In addition to her impressive touring schedule at venues in Latvia, Greece, Italy, England and America, Kayper is also busy working on The DJ Kayper Show on the BBC Asian Network and her new online series, ‘On My Jacks’.

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