Satinder Sartaaj – Sartaaj (Out Now)

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satinder sartaaj


Highly talked about Satinder Sartaaj releases his new album in the UK under the Moviebox label, having already sold out concerts in North America, Satinder Sartaaj phenemenon has finally hit the UK!


1. Sai
2. Paani Panjan Daryawan Wala
3. Nikki Jehi Kuri
4. Filhaal
5. Jitt De Nishaan
6. Ammi
7. Gall Tajurbe Wali
8. Dil Pehlan Jeha Ni Riha
9. Heeriye-Faqeeriye
10.Sab Te Laagu


Satinder Sartaaj - Sartaj BUY THE ALBUM NOW

Satinder Sartaaj - Paani (Video)

Satinder Sartaaj - Nikki Jehi Kuri (Video)


rimpy singh
0 #2 rimpy singh 2010-05-12 16:53
Satinder Sartaj fabolus singer in the punjbi singing no body can give the Competition.

You Are the Sartaj
balvinder kaur
0 #1 balvinder kaur 2010-05-12 09:59
An absolutely fabulous piece of work by this gentleman, finally someone with refreshing lyrics and music with heart felt feeling. My favourite is track 6, Ammi, such powerful lyrics hit you harder than your mums' slap getting you out of bed in the mornings!!
Decent music lovers please go out and purchase the original, credit where credit is due!!

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