It’s A Wonderful Afterlife the red carpet affair

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From the team behind Bend it Like Beckham comes this year’s brand new supernatural comedy, It’s A Wonderful Afterlife, which is out on 21st April. The star studded premiere which was held on Wednesday 14th April at Vue Star City, Birmingham was attended by's Navdeep Bains and Monika Plaha who had a chance to catch the stars on the red carpet. Read on on what happened on the day.

She strolled onto the carpet wearing a LBD, hugging her petite curves. Cameras flashed while paps called; here! Here! One for Simply Bhangra! A smile crept across her face for the photo, as she lived up to the glamorous and ‘born to-be famous’ name of Goldy. After putting on two stones for the role of Roopi, she had definitely hit the gym, ready for the premier of it’s a wonderful afterlife. The lovely OBE winning, Gurinder Chadha accompanied her down the red carpet. Her usual sense of humour radiating through, as she showered us with her flamboyant personality. The Director whom is re-known for her many films such as, the universal hit, ‘Bend it Like Beckham’, ‘Bride and Prejudice’ and ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.’


Gurinder Chadha, Goldy Notay (Roopi) and Ray Panthaki, (Jazz) all arrived in style on the red carpet at Birmingham Star City. Well it was definitely a city of stars last night with all these re-known actors and musicians making appearances for this premiere. Miss England 2005, one of the first to arrive, elegant and poised strolled down the carpet, a pout, a flicker of lashes and a hand through her silky hair...portraying the glitz and glamour of the evening. She was followed by such stars as Jaz Dhami, Bobby Friction, Apna Sangeet, Kray Twinz, Panjabi MC and many more.


A film described as ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Shaun of the dead’ was sure to create speculation amongst the many fans eagerly waiting to watch the screening! So, with the popcorn at the ready, the film commenced with famous names rolling off the opening credits; Shabana Azmi, ‘Bollywoods very own Merlyil Streep,’ Sanjeev Bhaskar, Shaheen Khan, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ray Panthaki and Zoe Wanamaker. Expectations prevailed as the audience attempted to stick to their seats throughout the echoing laughter.


Ray Panthaki, better known as DJ Jazz, the high druggie and brother of Roopi in the film, revealed the real and surprisingly shy Ray, which contrasted greatly with the crazy characters he takes on in many of his films; Ali G In Da House, Kidulthood, 28 Days Later...yes, definitely not one for becoming type cast!


An avenging mother takes her obsession with getting her dowdy daughter Roopi married to the pinnacle of danger. The widow spins her web, concocting her poisonous spices for anyone who puts her mission in jeopardy, and speaks ill mannered of her ‘chubby’ daughter is in peril of her killer curry. The police of Ealing smell a spicy story and are soon onto the case, with Murthy (Swarve Sendhil) finding himself investigating his future romance interest, Roopi. The theme of reincarnation plays a prominent role in the film, haunting spirits of NAME victims become stigmatised too her, not being able to enter the afterlife until they are tranquilised by serenity...however for this ever to happen would mean death for the Curry Killer! A killer curry? We hope this part of the movie wasn’t inspired from Gurinder’s personal experience, as she reveals her inspiration and more, in her captivating interview.


A film intertwined with the thrillers and laughter, takes you from jumping off your seat in fear to stitches in laughter. Expectations prevailed with this risky fusion has paid off for Chadha with a must see film! The penultimate scene reflecting the prom scene for Carrie showed Gurinder’s imagination in full flow, a hectic humorous sight which will make you cringe, predicting the unavoidable forthcoming events of soaring samosas, flying chutney and ganja pakoras. It’s definitely a piquant Bombay mix not to be missed!


Coming soon are some of the interview with some of the artists that happened on the day.



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IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE is released in cinemas across the UK on 21st April 2010


Certificate 12A, Running time 100 minutes

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