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Lx Seth and Dj Roxxi Sign deal with Tsunami Group


When you think of collaborations the US and South Africa are not the first to come to mind but that is all about to change. This is the start of a new beginning in South African Indian music.

It been years in the making, but finally they have done it. LX SETH, South Africa’s first exponent of Indian pop and DJ ROXXI, SA’S first female Indian DJ, have signed a ground breaking deal with RECORD LABEL TSUNAMI GROUP in the USA.

The duo has been working on this project since early this year & their United States debut is finally ready to be bought world-wide. The single LET IT GO features American superstar Omillio Sparks aka Kenneth Johnson who has come from the trenches of the ghetto in the most notorious neighborhood of West Philadelphia. As a young man, he faced the hardships of any black man running the streets, often fighting his way through the justice system. He’s experienced his fair share of turmoil’s but he has also lived the life. Although having made his way through the music industry, he had been faced with many setbacks preventing him from realizing his full potential.

Many know him as Omillio Sparks of State Property from the infamous record label, Roc A Fella Records. Omillio Sparks wrote on seven songs on the State Property 1 album and six on State Property 2- writing his verses as well as the hooks. He also wrote the hook for Jay Z’s “I Just Wanna Love You”, off the Dynasty album and also had a verse on the single, “As One”, off Jay Z’s, Blueprint 2 : The Gift & The Curse.

ROXI and SETH have now taken the game to another level, following in the footsteps of UK singer JAY SEAN, who is signed to CASH MONEY RECORDS in the USA. Although this deal is a big step for SETH and ROXI, Seth is not unfamiliar with international deals, he had signed with India’s largest recording label T-SERIES, to release his debut album OFF THE HOOK at the tender age of 21. DJ Roxxi has played all over the world, with some of the best DJ’S. They have already established themselves with numerous hits, videos and movies, but wanted to expand their range and blend the two cultures.
DJ Roxxi enlisted the talented producer LX Seth for one of his infectious tracks for an idea she had. Finding something was missing, DJ Roxxi looked to the US for a hip-hop artist to fill in the blanks, she found Omillio Sparks from State Property. “I have never rocked on a club track so this way is something new for me, but the song came out crazy!”, says Sparks.

This deal is the instrument that cements them as pioneers in a very difficult industry. In keeping with the spirit of building the music game, SETH has featured on the track the talents of SWIFT KNIGHT, a Durbanite who is signed to SETH’S company FUSION RECORDS.
Knight opens the track with his very soulful and unique voice, Seth hopes that this feature will also launch Swift’s career overseas. TSUNAMI GROUP has done work for some of the major players in the USA, their celebrity lineup include, to name a few, LIL WAYNE, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, JAY Z and Nelly, ETC. The video for the project will be shot in APRIL/MAY 2010, the video will be shot by newcomers LUCID MEDIA. “ I think that God has blessed us and it’s time to take this to the next level and hit that Billboard Top 10.

For years we have been making music out of the country because people here don’t care about supporting local talent, now we going to make them realize that was a mistake” says SETH. “The track is very futuristic, we wanted to make a single that sounded like it came out if this world, playing with the concept “if aliens made music what would it sound like”, the outcome of that is an incredible debut track that is so different, I think it the start of a new sound.” says Seth.

The new kid on the block, Swift Knight aka Neil Govender always dreamed of making it on the music scene. His burning passion and belief in himself is what eventually led to him to work with the amazing talents of LX Seth, DJ Roxi and Omillio Sparks. This is just the beginning of Knights Career & with amazing talent such as he’s, we are bound to expect much great things from this young, talented artist in the near future with he’s album said to be released later on this year.

"Its been a long time coming but I am happy that we as Asians from Africa can collaborate with great American talent-such as Omillio- resulting in truly a great global musical success! The industry is changing, we have always been pioneers here in Africa regarding the Asian music scene, breaking it in America is a lifelong dream. When Asians look back at music in twenty years, we will be the ones responsible for breaking the stigma, with no apology”, Says Roxxi.

Working with Sparks and Roxxi as well as featuring Swift Knight on the track has been an honor. I look forward to performing and sharing with America what Asian African flavor is all about" LX

This hit single has been sitting on America’s 101 distribution list at no 1 for the passed week and is Scheduled to be released to the South African public in May 2010. Seth seems to be taking over the world one concept at a time...