Shizzio Ft Outlandish - I Swear Remix (Video)

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Check out the FULL VIDEO for the remix of the hit track 'I Swear' by London rapper Shizzio. The remix features Asian Urban outfit Outlandish, who have a large dedicated fanbase worldwide.

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'I Swear' shook up the Asian Music scene in the summer of 2009, now 2010 sees the official remix of the single featuring Outlandish. The single has been produced by Bhangra outfit Tigerstyle. The remix once again cements Shizzio's role as one of the rising stars of the Urban Asian Music Scene.

The remix will be officially avaliable to download via iTunes on March 5th !


0 #2 jasssiaaaa 2011-05-27 19:14
come on ashleigh. u realy guna say shit like that having the sirname kaur. hmmm.
ashleigh kaur
-1 #1 ashleigh kaur 2011-05-27 14:26
dammm babiee shizzio is da man he is fitt n has a sxsy deep voice jizzy voice lmao love u shizzio xx

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