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Various - Pure Desi Vol 3 (Out Now)


VIP Records are proud to present the third instalment in the chart topping ‘Pure Desi’ series. February will see the highly anticipated release of ‘Pure Desi Volume 3’, with the series previously delivering diverse hits such as ‘Tarrak Tarhi’, ‘Teri Tor Vek Ke’ & ‘Bhabiye Akh Largayi’ to name a few.
Pure Desi Volume 3 sees a global line up of vocalists, musicians and producers, combining to deliver a contrasting 12 track compilation album featuring some of the most talented names in the industry.

The lead single sees the phenomenal Gurbhej Brar team up with Kaos Productions to deliver ‘Mitran Ne Dittiyan’, with Kaos Productions delivering a vibrant sound, lacing the raw folk vocals of Gurbhej Brar with their unique production style. The video for ‘Mitran Ne Dittiyan’ has been shot and will be airing very soon!

Pure Desi Volume 3 features a vast array of vocalists, from the powerful folk voices of Gurbhej Brar and Kulvinder Johal, to the subtle tones of A S Amar.  The album also features the talented duo of Ashok Phralvi & Romesh Chohan.  Pure Desi Volume 3 also sees the return of Vocalist/Producer Ammo Raju, who was behind the hit remake ‘Bhabiye Akh Largayi’ delivering another typical high class performance. The album also sees the introduction of talented newcomers Gurdev Singh Swalli.

After the huge success of remix album In Tha House, Kaos Productions deliver another Punjabi classic re-worked in their own vibrant style, this time ‘Long Dha Lishkara’ sung by Minoo Purshottam is given the Kaos treatment.

A universal production line up is completed by acclaimed percussionist Ryan Singh (Dholicious), Australia’s finest; Jaskurn Gosal (Nachne Da Mazza) alongside producer Bhinda Aujla, who has produced for some of the biggest names in the industry, appearing courtesy of Moviebox. Newcomer DJ Shahbaz completes the talented line up of producers on this eagerly awaited release, who will be releasing his Bollywood album on VIP Records later this year.

Keep a look out for the singles ‘Mitran Ne Dittiyan’ & ‘Bhangre Wich Mashoor’ which will be playing

1.          Mitran Ne Dittiyan -  Gurbhej Brar -  Kaos Productions

{audio}/media/Music/Feb10/Mitran Ne Dittiyan - Gurbhej Brar.mp3{/audio} Listen Here
2.    Bhangre Wich Mashoor -  Kulvinder Johal -   Kaos Productions

{audio}/media/Music/Feb10/Bhangre Wich Mashoor - Kulvinder Johal.mp3{/audio} Listen Here
3.    Long Dha Lishkara -  Minoo Purshottam -  Jagjit Singh/Kaos Productions

{audio}/media/Music/Feb10/Long Dha Lishkara - Minoo Purshottam.mp3{/audio} Listen Here
4.    Ajja Nach Le Ne -   Ashok Phralvi  -  Ryan Singh
5.    Karte Yaar Sharabi -  A S Amar  - Jaskurn Gosal

{audio}/media/Music/Feb10/Karte Yaar Sharabi - A S Amar.mp3{/audio} Listen Here
6.    Mood Karaah  - Ashok Phralvi -  Ryan Singh
7.    Varian Dha Dil - Romesh Chohan -  Dj Shahbaz
8.    Mere Dil Wich Basdi  - Ashok Phralvi -  Ryan Singh
9.    Munde Mange Glass -  Gurdev Singh Swalli -  Bhinda Aujla (courtesy of Moviebox)
10.    Bang Tut Gayi  - Ashok Phralvi  -  Ryan Singh
11.    Khushian Dian Boliyan -  Ammo Raju   - Ammo Raju
12.    Gidhah Bhangra  -  Romesh Chohan - Dj Shahbaz
Bonus Track:
13. Janaab – Tanveer Gogi – Harv Randhawa (House Remix)

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