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DJ Nahal ft Manj Banwait - Rangla Punjab (Single)


Arminder Singh Nahal, also known as DJ Nahal, is a very talented DJ/Producer born in Phagwara, India, but raised in South East London, UK. DJ’ing from the age of 11, he has performed worldwide, including locations in India & Canada. He is also part of a very famous Bhangra & Dhol team known as 4x4 Bhangra & Dhol. After receiving a lot of support from friends and family, he started producing music at the age of 15, using his experienced skills in playing the Dhol, Dholki, Tumbi, Algozey, Tabla, Harmonium and many more instruments. He has potential to damage the asian music scene with his music which he produces himself know, he has admitted to use loops before and this is what he said;

“I admit to using loops before, but as I perfected my skills playing all sort off different instruments, and now I am known for recording all my music live. Thanks too all those people that have taken their time out and help me record instruments live in the studio, In the track “Rangla Punjab ”all the instruments are played live”- DJ Nahal

He also found his own DJ Roadshow, DJ Nahal Ent. After perfecting his skills in playing many instruments, he contacted Manj Banwait, and recorded a single called “Rangla Punjab”. After a lot of hard work and dedication from the sixteen year-old, the single is finally ready to release and will be out soon. The music video will also be hitting your TV screens very soon! There are many more projects in the pipeline for this very talented youngster and be sure to keep an eye out for the release!


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When asked about his musical influences, Arminder replied that he had been influenced by singers such as Surjit Bindrakhia, Amar Singh Chamkila, Gurdas Mann, Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda and by producers such as Taj-E and Sukhshinder Shinda. When asked about modern Bhangra music, he replied that there are a lot of problems with piracy in the Bhangra business and hopes that by releasing singles that capture youngsters interest, he can sway them into paying for music so that the artists have the dedication and financial security to carry on releasing excellent singles

A Message to all of you fans from the man himself DJ Nahal aka Arminder:

“Wassup People I hope you like my music, and a BIG thank you to all my Friends And family for showing me their support and encouraging me to go ahead and succeed in my music career, I am currently working on other projects which also will be hitting you soon thanks DJ Nahal!”