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Jeet (The Family) - Zara Bachke (Out Now)

Jeet - Zara Bachke - BUY NOW ON iTUNES


The charming but cheeky reality TV star, Jeet, who is currently entertaining viewers on the Channel 4 show “The Family” is set to captivate music lovers with his first single “Zara Bachke (Just Watch Out)”.

“Zara Bachke (Just Watch Out)” will present a blend of Bhangra and Asian Urban beats with contemporary pop melodies designed to make you dance, and is being put together by Taj-E, one of the Asian music scene’s hottest young producers. Jeet and Taj-E are feverishly working away in the studio to complete the track for release in the New Year and a music video accompanying the contagious track will be shot later this month by The Sound Pipe Media.

Jeet’s no stranger to the world of entertaining others. Most will know Jeet as an experienced Bollywood actor and star of numerous stage plays, however Jeet always had a passion for singing long before he caught the acting bug. This is quite obvious in the TV show where he regularly bursts into song and dance, and this is what got him noticed by one of the leading Asian record labels, The Sound Pipe Records, who approached him with an offer of a career in music.

“I was completely surprised as I have always been an avid singer and was just doing what felt natural to me. I never realised the extent of the show and who could be watching” says Jeet. “Now I’m in the studio working hard but enjoying every minute of it, and I hope the end result is one that can be enjoyed by everyone”.

Just watch out for Jeet’s new single and music video out soon on The Sound Pipe Records.

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Jeet - Zara Bachke - BUY NOW ON iTUNES