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Kamal Raja & Jasz Gill - Like a Star (ft. Y-V-E & Juna) [Video]


Like A Star is their first official world wide single but definitely not the last. All we can say is: keep in touch cause this is a piece of what is yet to come. You dont want to miss the upcoming tracks.


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Kamal raja born and raised in Amsterdam! But his real roots lie in Pakistan. Like his parents! Raised between different cultures feel free to auction what is pleasing to the ears of the audience today. With ihis catchy flo's and his looks, the ultimate addition to the combination of Kamal Raja & Jasz Gill. One audition at cj records was enough to give him the opportunity to pursue his own style to bring music to a wider audience.

RAJA KAMAL: The motto of kamal raja is: Dream as if you have forever, but live as if you have only today! Since young he tried the desi lyrics with an urban style to sing. His way of thinking and putting down together choice of words and beats, is different than usual and that is to hear and see in the single like a star.

When he met CJ! He knew that cj records would be a good cooperation with him because CJ supported his ideas. Kamal would like everyone to hear and see that the way of approach is sometimes more important than the singing of your tracks or make them ... he Believes with cj records to start a new trend and a new approach with different styles but certainly adequate. what he can say is: believe, support and watch! We will explode in 2010.

Everyone has a talent, so dont be afraid to use it! The motto of CJ also the producer of Kamal and Raja Jasz Gill. Cj records exist since 2005, CJ has the record label of his father and expanded gradually gained confidence and the chance to take over from his father the producer CJ (chevy ) is a young producer who has been active since young to produce, record, remix and cooperate.

The experience in the years CJ has been able to build, thanks to his idol and his father kamaljeet Singh. Moreover cj his record label wanted to expand in the desi world with different and new talents like Kamal Raja and Jasz Gill he makes the right start. Cj wants to make his ideas into reality with artists who feel the same ear for its production,

Jasz gill and kamal raja are individually signed by CJ-Records. Like a Star is a debut single from the album **** kamal raja was offered a contract and a chance to make an album. The combination of Kamal Raja Jasz Gill is unique and they are a good duo after much work and effort the single Like a star created.

Jász GILL: Born and raised in Amsterdam, parents from India. With the growing diversity of Amsterdam is also in Jasz Gill a fusion of different flo colthours and mixtures. He blows his wondrous beautiful voice, and almost literally turn the floor under your feet away. In short, a young talent who certainly get far. and makes a start with Kamal Raja with their debut single Like A Star.

Jasz gill is an artist who is very young and very business effectively. He knows what he wants. His goal is to show that talent knows no age but only one will and have targets, the rest comes naturally.

Jasz gill still studying full time and combines wonderfully good school and singing career. Even though it is sometimes difficult, but Jasz gill knows why he does it! And that he would like to share.

Jasz gill gives the music a living, kamal raja gives it an energy boost. The word choice of Jasz gill and the style of kamal raja make them "like a star". They had good inspirations and made several good tracks soon will come out to the world to show how wide the desi scene can be and is.