Sunita Bagga Feat. Blaze - Let Loose (Listen Now)

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Sunita Bagga – New Years Eve, Special Track ‘Let Loose’ Feat. Blaze Written by Luke YouNeek - Music Media Management.

Sunita Bagga, a fresh face to music, working her way up to make her mark in industry, in the world of RnB music scene.

With the successes of her previous tracks "Lost In You" and “My Own Way”, Sunita Bagga is back with Prod. Killa V ( with a NEW YEARS EVE SPECIAL DOWNLOAD, EXCULSIVE….

‘Let Loose’ Feat. Blaze, Written By Luke YouNeek

{audio}media/Music/Jan10/Let Loose- Sunita Bagga feat. Blaze.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here

Introducing Luke YouNeek…

Luke Evans or Luke Youneek, a songwriter whose lyrics have been a fallback for his thoughts since an early age. He has been developing these lyrics and ideas of real life and personal experiences within his lyrical work up until now.

He aims to write to make a difference of opinion in a number of different people and that the language and presentation of his thoughts affect people in a positive way, and can also be related to by many. His lyrics in music, mainly lie within the Urban scene of R&B, Hip Hop and Grime. However, Luke Youneek offers and people wanting his surfaces from all types of different musical backgrounds and talents.

Written and recorded, ‘Let Loose’, which was co written by Sunita Bagga, featuring her vocals, and Blaze, where he built up a strong lyrical relationship. From working on this a lot of other avenues are being found and hopefully more success will be found from writing this track. Any genre is a possibility with his wide range use of lyrics and styles, so more will be seen from him in different corners of the music industry.

Outside music, Luke Youneek is still a keen writer. Working with the Producer of Hollyoaks, Bryan Kirkwood, who mentored Luke in the development of a sitcom idea he created. Luke Youneek wrote and produced the pilot episode of the sitcom/drama using professional actors and locations and received a placement at Hollyoaks from this.

Further from this pilot episode, people at Lime Pictures were so impressed with his writing abilities and use of language and character, he was offered a chance to write further with Lime Pictures and Hollyoaks, but is unable to publicise this at the moment. Luke’s writing skills range broadly across the medium, which gives Luke Youneek greater knowledge in how to target goals and audiences and how to reach them.

The link for this teenager drama, called ‘The Loved Ones’ - Click Here

Look out for more development from Sunita Bagga and Luke YouNeek, with Music Media Management (

Luke YouNeek

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Sunita Bagga

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ali a
0 #2 ali a 2010-01-04 09:44
Too many people trying to the same old stuff, getting very boring and repeated, time for a good shake up!! BTW this is one of them..
MMM Promotions
0 #1 MMM Promotions 2010-01-01 11:56
Sunita Bagga feat. Blaze 'Let Loose' Feat Blaze...written by Luke YouNeek

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