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Balwinder Bhatti - Gadian Te Gallan (Out Now)

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01 Sohni Channa Wich
Produced by Bhota Jagpal
Lyrics Balwinder Bhatti

02 Gadian Te Gallan
Produced by Nin Matharu
Lyrics Harmesh Lidder

03 Lakh Lichkaveh
Produced by H Cheema

04 Jaana Jaana
Produced bt Tarli Digital
Lyrics Karam Singh

05 Lambaran Di Betak
Produced by Kami K
Lyrics H Sumal

06 Mere Yaar Leja Mera Pyar
Produced by Kami K
Lyrics Chain Singh Gill

07 Ardass
Produced by Luke Singh
Lyrics Balwinder Bhatti

08 Sohni Channa Wich - Urban Mix
Produced by Hunterz
Lyrics Balwinder Bhatti

The album is out now!


0 #2 Sukh 2009-11-18 22:18
Quoting true_say:
shame that this album hasn't been advertised :sad:

there was simply no promotion at all from the label Moviebox.

We have tried out best to push this album by adding it to our front page feature for over a week, but there's only so much one website can do.
0 #1 true_say 2009-11-18 20:06
shame that this album hasn't been advertised :sad:

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