Jay Sean's Do You Remember out now on iTunes (Video Drop)

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This week is the first of 2 opportunities to create history together yet again. Jay Sean's "Do You Remember" feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon just hit iTunes in the US & Canada.

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It's already broken the Top 20 on iTunes, and with your help we can get it into the Top 5 by week's end - do your part and buy the single today by clicking on the link below. Additionally, pre-order Jay's album "All Or Nothing" (out Nov 23rd) on Amazon by clicking on the respective link as well.

Please spread the word on both the single and album any which way you can. Via your front page of your media outlet; Via your personal blog or email list; Via your Facebook & Twitter; Via text and whatever means you can think of – this has become much bigger than any one of us would have imagined and in many ways its bigger then Jay Sean himself.

You see, when Jay Sean goes to #1 again with this single and his upcoming album "All Or Nothing," suddenly one of our own will be in the North American spotlight in a way none of us ever really thought we’d see happen. The opportunities for our community to be embraced by the mainstream entertainment/media will grow immensely.

Interest in South Asian talent will increase, entertainment projects with a South Asian vibe will be greenlit – and soon it won't be such an uncommon thing to turn on the radio or television and hear/see a South Asian voice/face.

We are proving slowly but surely, with Jay Sean leading the way, that our community is a powerful thread, knit through the social fabric of North America.

Click Here To Buy The Single Now!!

Pre Order the album Now!


Jasbir S
0 #4 Jasbir S 2009-11-07 14:31
biggest inspiration ever........
thnx jay paaji
0 #3 jeeves 2009-11-06 17:32
if u fink he cant say bhangra listen watch this he speaks proper punjabi
u dont need to know
0 #2 u dont need to know 2009-11-04 21:34

of course he is gonna say it [censored]...he z indian lol...Kamaljit Singh Jhooti...
i rekon it would be awesome if he had a track with Juggy now that he is with Cash Money would really get Indian music more exposure than what it gets...
0 #1 taz____ 2009-11-04 13:47
Woww look how he says 'bhangra'

proper [censored]!!

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